Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cable or Satellite???

That is the question I was asking myself all week!

You may know from my previous post that my great 1 year introductory price to Charter Cable was ending this week and then I would be charged $133.82 for the features I was currently paying $52.56 for.

I refuse to pay that much money for cable and Internet!

So all week I had been calling to get a better deal and the best I could get according to them was keep everything I have except for my HBO channels for $84 before tax. WAY TOO HIGH STILL!

So Saturday I looked online at my other options.

I like the idea of going to our new cable and Internet company in town for service. It would be $80 for a fast Internet and over 100 channels with the cable box included.
$40 for install.
So I call the company to get some more information and to see when they could come out to install it. But, get this, they currently do not offer their service to apartment buildings!!!!

What kind of company is this?!!?!?!
But I still want their service!
No contract!

I like that!
So as disappointed as I was, time to go back to the drawing board.
(MOM, you should look into this. I have all the information written down. They also offer home phone with long distance. This bundle would be $100 plus tax. GREAT DEAL!)

I had also looked into DirectTV. They have a bundle package through Bellsouth.
You can get a regular phone line for local calling only, 100 plus channel (called Choice Plus), and a good Internet speed for $80 a moth plus tax. Then add another receiver (I gotta have 2) to make it $85 a month plus tax.
Well, this is the same price as my current cable company was offering me, but I would get a phone line.
I would also have a 18 month contract with DirectTV.
It would be $20 a month for however many months you have left to cancel your contract early. (I learned all this from their online chat support - great feature for a website like this to have.)
I decided this was the way to go at this point.

So I call Charter to cancel.
I get a guy named Larry on the phone who says I can keep what I have minus HBO for $75 plus tax.
I say no.

He asks me what it will take to keep me as a customer.
I say $65 plus tax.
He talks to his manager and comes back with $70 plus tax.
I agree.....for now at least.
There is no contract.
I have a feeling my Internet speed is lower then it was.
When I get the bill, if this is the case, I will cancel my service.

Wish me luck!!!

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