Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Waverly, TN Drive-In Movie Theatre

This weekend, Matt and I went to the drive-in movie theatre about an hour away from where I live!
The movies that were playing were:
Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs 8:35 Pm
Followed by
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen 10:15 PM

Both were great movies!!!

Prior to going, I knew the weather was going to be nice and we already had what we were going to do planned. We were going to leave early enough to stop for food and be able to get a good spot. We had planned to get dinner from Sonic (it is down the road from the, it was the only place we knew for sure was down there) and we would buy a tub of popcorn after the first movie. I was going to bring a cooler with some bottled drinks. (I love to save money even when we go out!)

Well, all did not go exactly as planned.

Because of me being sick and tired we left later then we wanted to. Then our GPS got a little "lost" claiming their was a road where there wasn't. To get there we had to go down some back roads. Let me tell you.... IT IS COUNTRY!!! Small little towns we went by to get to Waverly, TN! When we were almost there, I started getting worried since I did not see the screen. So thankfully, Matt has an Iphone and was able to google the address. He decided I had the address wrong so we changed the address in the GPS. We found the Sonic and a few other places to eat. We choose to eat KFC...the big box meal for $5! The GPS said the movie was about 1 mile from where we were. Awesome since the movie was going to start in 15 minutes. We got our food to go and drive there.

We ended up at the drive-in's sister company - an actual movie theatre!

So I ask the guy at the window how to get to the drive-in movie theatre.

I thought he said left at the second light and then take a right at the first light then drive for 6 or 7 miles and you will see the screen.

Okay, easy enough. But notice I THOUGHT HE SAID.

We were so lost!!

There was absolutely nothing out there!!!

So we turn around and end up behind the same movie theatre some how. (Don't ask me how.)

I go to the guy again, this time with paper and pen in hand.

I should have taken a RIGHT at the second light and then another RIGHT at the light, then drive 6 or 7 miles to where you see the big screen.

We finally found it! We missed about 15 or so minutes of Ice Age, but at least we found it! I loved the experience and want to go again. I thought it was a lot of fun!

The hard part was driving home at 12:30AM on those curvy roads in the dark.

I greatly recommend going if you enjoy stuff like this.

Click HERE for the website to the drive-in I went to.

If you are interested, next weekend G-Force and The Proposal will be playing.

It is $6 a person.


  1. Hi PT,
    OK, you found the mi-de-ga and valley drive in, this is a good thing, so look on the bright side. I have seen ice age 3 (at the valley drive in actually) and you didn't miss much if all you missed was the first 15 minutes.
    Curvy back roads? where are you coming from, the drive in is on hwy 70!
    Anyway, glad you found it, hope you had a good time. BTW, the mi-de-ga (this is the "actual theater" you refered to) has surround sound (they installed it just before release of phantom menance). Us back-woods hicks here in humphreys county are proud of it ;)

  2. LOL!
    Glad you found this post! Yes I went down Highway 70, I think. I drove by Erin Elementry and then Houston high school. At one point the road was VERY curvy. I didn't mind driving on it during the day, but night time was a WHOLE other story! :)

    I loved that drive in!
    I will be going out there again very soon! I thought it was a great way to spend an evening. I just wish it was a little closer to me. I will have to check out the mi-de-ga one time while I am down there.
    Thanks for the info!

  3. Sounds like your route was mostly down hwy 13 which is extremly curvey. once you got to waverly it is rather tricky to actually get on 70, which is probably how you got lot and ended up in town. when ever i have family or friends come visit for the firwst time they all make the same mistake. Good blog btw.