Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Homemade Peach Pie

You will never believe it, at least until you see the pictures, but I made peach pie ALL BY MYSELF!
Remember over the weekend I bought that big box of week old peaches for $12?
Well, I knew I needed to use them up so I decided I wanted to make peach pie.
I was sure I would be able to find a simple recipe that even I would be able to follow.
(I am still new to cooking.)
I did find that recipe.
This was my first attempt at pie...EVER!
And I gotta say, it was YUMMMMMMMY!!!!
Matt thought it was yummy too!
In case you wanted to know how to make it or you are just curious as to how I made it, here is the ingredients and directions.

Ingredients (I modified a little):
Refrigerated pie crust (top and bottom)
Fresh peeled and sliced peaches
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup of all-purpose flour
1 spoonful cinnamon
2 tablespoons sugar


Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Stir together flour, 1 cup sugar, and cinnamon in a bowl

Mix peaches into dry ingredients

Spray pie pan and place crust into pan

Add peach mixture to crust

Cover with top crust

Cut slits into top crust and seal the edges

Sprinkle top with 2 tablespoons of sugar

Cover the pie with tin foil, remove tin foil 15 minutes prior to being done

Bake 35 to 45 minutes or until crust is brown and juice begins to bubble through the slits in the top crust


Look how juicy my peaches were....
My piece.... mmmmmm.....

Don't you wish you had a piece?

One Day, This Will Be A Blanket

The same Maggie who brought me the delicious looking cucumbers taught me how to crochet today on our lunch break!
She showed me how to do a single stitch.
I am no pro....yet....but I think I did a pretty good job.
What do you think?
I am just gonna finish this row and bring it back to work tomorrow for her to show me how to do another row. She already showed me how, but I do not remember how she did it.

I am so amazed with this new skill I am trying to develop!

I had lots of fun learning how to do this!


Cucumbers? Or Pickles?

I think I am seeing pickles in my future.....
My friend Maggie brought me these cucumbers from her garden.
I just can't get enough of all this fresh fruit and vegetables!
I am greatly enjoying these foods!
I hope everyone who has gave me food from their garden truly knows how grateful I am.
(Of course none of them read this blog.)
Anyways, I plan to look for a recipe to make pickles. If I find one and attempt to make some I will be sure to post about it.

Fan My Impressions Through This Room

If you love these GLADE Lasting Impressions as much as I do, you need to check out your local Wal-Mart. They are currently on roll-back from $7.99 to $5!!!
I had 6 $3 off coupons and decided to take advantage of this deal. I enjoy these scents and plan to only use one at a time on a regular one GLADE plug-in.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feel Better!

I am glad to hear your surgery went well!
Love you and hope to see you soon!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Look At My Crazy Dog!

Can you tell where he is?
Here is a closer view....

Can't tell?

I will tell you then.

My crazy/silly dog has his head (part of it) under my Lazy Boy rocking chair. I was rocking last night and was wondering where Wyatt was. I had Matt get my camera so I could capture these photos.

He is lucky I was not rocking on his head.

This reminds me of when I used to live at my mom's house and when he was in trouble he would "go under my bed".
When I say he used to "go under my bed" I mean he would have his head under my bed with his whole body showing.


He thought if his head was under the bed then he was under the bed.
He didn't think I would be able to find him.


I wish I had a picture to show!

Fresh From Melinda's Garden

Tomato and Banana Pepper!
Look what my co-worker, Melinda, gave me today.
I ate both veggies after work. I only intended to try the banana pepper to see if I liked it and to see if it was hot.
Well, it is not hot. It is yummy though!
I ate the tomato with some cheese, Italian seasoning and Italian dressing. I love tomatoes like this! And this one was very juicy and fresh.... just the way I like them!
I love fresh veggies and fruit!
I cannot wait to own my own home and plant a small garden.
Matt's mom gave me more corn, zucchini and tomatoes over the weekend. We already ate the corn and one zucchini.
It all tasted so good!!
Thank you to both of you for the good eats!
(Neither person reads my blog)
Another co-worker of mine is going to bring my cucumbers on Wednesday! I am very excited! I love cucumbers! I will post a picture when I get them.

Peaches And More Peaches

Looks yummy, right?
I bought them at our local Co-op. A man has been selling them there for a month or so and will be there through September.
You can buy this big box of them for....
This week's pick of fruit for $25 or last week's fruit for $12.
I bought the $12 box of fruit.
They still looked just as good!
I am happy with my buy. I plan on looking for a recipe on how to make a peach pie.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Burt Bees Coupon

Were you lucky like me and able to win a coupon for a FREE Burt Bees Lip Balm last month?
If so, you need to use your coupon soon!
They expire at the end of August!
Here are my two freebies!
I got them at Target.
(I had one coupon and Matt had one)
Even if you do not have a coupon, I recommend this stuff.
It feels nice on your lips!

Cable or Satellite???

That is the question I was asking myself all week!

You may know from my previous post that my great 1 year introductory price to Charter Cable was ending this week and then I would be charged $133.82 for the features I was currently paying $52.56 for.

I refuse to pay that much money for cable and Internet!

So all week I had been calling to get a better deal and the best I could get according to them was keep everything I have except for my HBO channels for $84 before tax. WAY TOO HIGH STILL!

So Saturday I looked online at my other options.

I like the idea of going to our new cable and Internet company in town for service. It would be $80 for a fast Internet and over 100 channels with the cable box included.
$40 for install.
So I call the company to get some more information and to see when they could come out to install it. But, get this, they currently do not offer their service to apartment buildings!!!!

What kind of company is this?!!?!?!
But I still want their service!
No contract!

I like that!
So as disappointed as I was, time to go back to the drawing board.
(MOM, you should look into this. I have all the information written down. They also offer home phone with long distance. This bundle would be $100 plus tax. GREAT DEAL!)

I had also looked into DirectTV. They have a bundle package through Bellsouth.
You can get a regular phone line for local calling only, 100 plus channel (called Choice Plus), and a good Internet speed for $80 a moth plus tax. Then add another receiver (I gotta have 2) to make it $85 a month plus tax.
Well, this is the same price as my current cable company was offering me, but I would get a phone line.
I would also have a 18 month contract with DirectTV.
It would be $20 a month for however many months you have left to cancel your contract early. (I learned all this from their online chat support - great feature for a website like this to have.)
I decided this was the way to go at this point.

So I call Charter to cancel.
I get a guy named Larry on the phone who says I can keep what I have minus HBO for $75 plus tax.
I say no.

He asks me what it will take to keep me as a customer.
I say $65 plus tax.
He talks to his manager and comes back with $70 plus tax.
I agree.....for now at least.
There is no contract.
I have a feeling my Internet speed is lower then it was.
When I get the bill, if this is the case, I will cancel my service.

Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harris Teeter Doubles Again!

Starting tomorrow through next Tuesday, Harris Teeter will be doubling coupons up to $1.98!!!
I need to start organizing mine ASAP so I am already for the bargains. Whenever they have this sale, I get lots of free or almost free items.
(See my previous posts on Harris Teeter for past deals I have gotten.)
Last month they did triple coupons up to $0.99 and I found you can not get as many free items. I recommend taking advantage of this great deal if one is anywhere near you.
I travel about an hour to get to one, but I feel it is well worth it.

Waverly, TN Drive-In Movie Theatre

This weekend, Matt and I went to the drive-in movie theatre about an hour away from where I live!
The movies that were playing were:
Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs 8:35 Pm
Followed by
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen 10:15 PM

Both were great movies!!!

Prior to going, I knew the weather was going to be nice and we already had what we were going to do planned. We were going to leave early enough to stop for food and be able to get a good spot. We had planned to get dinner from Sonic (it is down the road from the, it was the only place we knew for sure was down there) and we would buy a tub of popcorn after the first movie. I was going to bring a cooler with some bottled drinks. (I love to save money even when we go out!)

Well, all did not go exactly as planned.

Because of me being sick and tired we left later then we wanted to. Then our GPS got a little "lost" claiming their was a road where there wasn't. To get there we had to go down some back roads. Let me tell you.... IT IS COUNTRY!!! Small little towns we went by to get to Waverly, TN! When we were almost there, I started getting worried since I did not see the screen. So thankfully, Matt has an Iphone and was able to google the address. He decided I had the address wrong so we changed the address in the GPS. We found the Sonic and a few other places to eat. We choose to eat KFC...the big box meal for $5! The GPS said the movie was about 1 mile from where we were. Awesome since the movie was going to start in 15 minutes. We got our food to go and drive there.

We ended up at the drive-in's sister company - an actual movie theatre!

So I ask the guy at the window how to get to the drive-in movie theatre.

I thought he said left at the second light and then take a right at the first light then drive for 6 or 7 miles and you will see the screen.

Okay, easy enough. But notice I THOUGHT HE SAID.

We were so lost!!

There was absolutely nothing out there!!!

So we turn around and end up behind the same movie theatre some how. (Don't ask me how.)

I go to the guy again, this time with paper and pen in hand.

I should have taken a RIGHT at the second light and then another RIGHT at the light, then drive 6 or 7 miles to where you see the big screen.

We finally found it! We missed about 15 or so minutes of Ice Age, but at least we found it! I loved the experience and want to go again. I thought it was a lot of fun!

The hard part was driving home at 12:30AM on those curvy roads in the dark.

I greatly recommend going if you enjoy stuff like this.

Click HERE for the website to the drive-in I went to.

If you are interested, next weekend G-Force and The Proposal will be playing.

It is $6 a person.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mmmm....A Pastry Of My Choice

MOM, this one is for you!
If you are like millions of Americans, chances are you like Starbucks.
Click HERE for a coupon good only on JULY 21ST from open till 10:30AM for a free pastry with any beverage purchase.
So you can even get juice or something and still get the free pastry.
Hope you have a Starbucks on your way to work!!!
I don't, but that is okay.

Cha Ching!

I finally did it!

I finally did what I have been saying I will do for the last month or two!

I opened a savings account!

Such a small step, but I am proud of myself.

I felt it was an accomplishment worth mentioning since I claimed I was going to do it in THIS blog entry.

My Ear Hurts

My ear aches!
I have felt it coming on for about two days now hoping it would go away, but it hasn't.
I think I have an ear infection!
I hate when this happens!
I have been unable to sleep all night because of it!
I get them 2 or 3 times a year so it is nothing new and i can self diagnose....but still...
I am taking some leftover medicine I had from the last time this happened to me. Thankfully, I did not follow the directions on the label which said to take twice a day for 14 days. I stopped taking it when the pain went away.
I know what you are thinking.
You are wondering why I would do that.
You are thinking that is dumb.
Well all I have to say is - I am thankful i did not take them all since I no longer have insurance and it would cost me to see a doctor just to get a prescription even though I know exactly what is wrong with my ear. I just hope it does not develop into a sinus infection... as of now, I don't think it will.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lip Gloss.. F R E E !

Another great coupon for a free lip product up to $12 with ANY purchase!
Last time they had this coupon I bought travel hand sanitizer for $1.64 after tax.
Click HERE
Coupon is only good through tomorrow.

Bone Cookies

Do you know what this means?
It means Wyatt has home-made cookies in his future.
I have a recipe...I just need to make it one of these days!

Cheap Electricity

Do you know what this is?
It is my electric bill for this month!
Wanna know how you get such a low colling bill in the middle of summer when the outside temperature has averaged about 90 degrees?
I keep my thermostat at 78 degrees and keep ceiling fans on. Sometimes I lower it to 76 degrees if it is really hot. Right now, I have my windows open since it is overcast and windy outside. It feels great!

Don't Close My Rest Stop!

I ran across an interesting article online the other day off the main page of MSN. It was talking about how due to the economy, many states are closing their rest stops along the interstate. Some states are closing all of them while other states were only closing a few. They are doing this because they do not have the funds needed to keep these open. I don't believe all states are having to close rest stops. (YAY!)

Well, here is my take on this story....

I understand the economy is not going well and it takes money to staff and maintain these building and sites which the states simply do not have. But I, like many people, feel these are a necessity. I enjoy going to rest areas! I like the convenience of being able to just stop, go pee, and walk around to stretch my legs. What happens if I bring Wyatt with me on a trip? Where will he relieve himself? It is not very easy to find a nice area to walk him when you travel unless you go to these rest stops. Rest stops are very pet friendly!

And what about truck drivers? I know most of them have bathrooms in their truck so they can stop anywhere, but I am sure they must like stopping at a normal rest area sometimes.

What about parents? If I had children, I would want to stop at rest areas to let my children play and eat. I like the idea of bringing sandwiches and juice boxes to have a picnic.

I especially like going to the first rest stop when you enter a state. I like to get the brochures so I know what there is to do in that state and what I want to do. I still enjoy going to the Tennessee rest stop to see if there are any new things to do in this great state.

On the way to Chattanooga TN there is a wonderful rest stop that over looks the water. We stopped there over the 4th of July weekend.... TONS of people were also stopped there. It is just a nice to stop on your journey to use the restroom and relax for a little bit. This one also had a very nice area to eat a packed lunch and to walk your dog.

Why do they always seem to take away what is really needed? I sure hope Tennessee does not have to cut their rest areas from their budget. I realize this is an expense, but in the big picture, is it really that much money? I cannot imagine it is.

You can read the full story HERE

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Poor Tree

This is the tree in my yard.
The poor thing was struck by lightning the other night.

Tim The Tool Man Taylor And Then Some

I got me some more good movie deals!!!
I know I don't need them, but I love watching movies!
I especially like getting them for great deals!
Let me show you what I have bought in the past few days.
I have my presenter...Wyatt...

I found Season 5 of Home Improvement on clearance at Target for $7.49
This is the first season of this show I have purchased. I bought it since I enjoy the show and soon might not have cable. (Who am I kidding, I'll probably pay how ever much money I have to in order to keep it - even though I do not want to. I have to make a decision within the next week or two. I will let you know what I decide.)

Did you see Wyatt's tongue?

Find it one more time...
I bought these movies from the local website here which is like
I bought them both for $5.
Both movies are really good.

I bought these two movies from the same site but from a different seller.
These were brand new movies.
They had never been open.

The lady had them on sale for $10 each or for best offer.
I offered her $5 for Oliver and Company.
She agreed.
I then asked if she would be willing to sell them both for a good deal.
She said she would take $8 for them both.
I love Disney movies!!!
They are my favorite!!!

So about $21 for 4 movies and one box set!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

High Value Coupons

Have you bought a newspaper today?
If you have not, I suggest you go buy you one.
Remember, you can get the Tennessean all summer long for $0.99 at Wal-greens.
There are some really valuable coupons in the week's paper.
Some of my favorites are:
$3.00 off Nexxus Hair Product
$2.50 off Finish/Electrasol Tabs or Gel for dishwasher
$1.00 off Ritz Crackerfuls Sandwich Crackers
$1.00 off Tyson Chicken
Several different Lysol coupons
Several different yogurt coupons
Even if you just like one of those coupons your newspaper has paid for itself!

We All Scream For $9.99 Ice Cream

Who doesn't like ice cream?!?!?!
Or ice cream cake made from brownies?!?!?!
Now till August 30th, with this coupon, from Baskin Robbins you can get this delicious looking ice cream brownie cake for $9.99 plus tax.
Good deal for these hot summer days!
(Unless you are like me and on Weight Watchers...I bet this would be a lot of points!)

Fresh Produce Straight From The Garden

Looks fresh, right?
What is better then a local farmer's market?
Growing your own produce!
But since I live in an apartment and am new to plants, I did not grow anything.
These yummy looking veggies are from Matt's mom's garden.
See how big the zucchini is???
I cannot wait to eat these!
(She had to pick them now since the deer were eating her food!)
Thank you!!!
I will be sure to enjoy them!

Past It's Prime

My poor beloved computer/dinner tray has officially died!

It has been broken for a while now. I tried to fix it today since I did not want to spend $20 to buy a new one and you always hear how people do not try to fix there stuff, but it is still broken as you can see. I hate for it to go into a landfill...but unfortunately, that is where it is headed.

Thank you computer/dinner tray for all you have done for me!

2006 - 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Love Vacations!

We are back from Atlanta, GA!!!

Well actually, we arrived home Sunday night.
I love vacation, but it is always good to come home!
There is truly no place like home!

I would have posted on here that I was leaving, but I am paranoid. You never know who is reading what you write and who knows if someone wants to break into my home when I am not there. I am glad to report my home, as well as my parents’ home, was not tampered with in any way! Thankfully!

We all had a nice time while in GA. Only my mom’s husband had ever been there. The rest of us had only ever really drove through Atlanta. My brother plans to move down there one day so the whole purpose of this trip was to see if he liked it there. As far as I know, he did.

We got to do some tourist activities while there as well. Some of the things we did were we visited the World of Coco-Cola, saw the fireworks at Centennial Park, saw Stone Mountain, and shopped. All fun activities!
And like any good vacation, we ate LOTS of food!

The next few posts are devoted to our visit to Atlanta, GA.

The Great Mariott Marquis

I figured I might as well start my posts with some pictures of our hotel.
We stayed at the Marriot Marquis.
It was a grand hotel.
A bit fancy for my taste, but I liked it.

Here are some pictures of the inside of the hotel. Notice how the elevators are made of glass. I had to look at the elevator doors since I felt sick when I looked out while the elevator was moving. I did not think I would feel this way, but now I know.

We stayed on the 31st floor. I think there were about 40 floors total.

These are the pictures of our room. My brother and I were in one room with 2 queen beds.

This is the spectacular view we got to see.

This is my parents’ room and their view.

Their view was nice, but my brother and I got the nicer city view! It was very pretty to look out at night. I wish we had a balcony we could have sat out on to listen to the sounds to get the full effect.