Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Home Will Be So Fresh And So Clean

Like always, I still enjoy going to Kroger!
I had planned to get a few essential items, but when I got there and saw the ad, I noticed Lysol products were half off and I had some wonderful Lysol coupons!
I am sad to say they were all out of Lysol Kitchen spray.....I still might go to one of the other Kroger's in our town to see if they have any. I plan to give my mom a few of these bottles since I do not need them all. I just could not pass on such a great deal.
When I was going to get my bacon, they had a blinkie for coupons. The coupon was for Buy One Get One Free Candy Bars! JACKPOT!
I would have stayed there all day waiting for more to come out but,
1. I am impatient about these kind of things
2. Someone was looking at me like they were watching me
3. A coupon got stuck in it after I got 6
Oh well though! I used 3 of the coupons today and will use the other 3 next time I shop.
I had a coupon for a FREE box of Kashi waffles and a FREE coupon for the strawberries!
I paid $15.11 for all the pictured items!
That is a 72% savings according to my receipt!

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