Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miss Marple's Dinner Theatre

I had a very enjoyable evening yesterday in Nashville and thought I would share my experience with you. We went to Miss Marple's Dinner Theatre where they performed THE GIMMIE AWARDS!
Basically you eat, watch a show, choose who you want to win, and solve a murder. During our show we had a presenter, Share Bono, Garth Rivers, Brittany Shears, and Sharron Osleen. Oh, and Otis, the drunk. And a sheriff.
As you can probably guess, yes, they do make fun of the actual people. There were lots of laugh out loud moments.
I know who Britney Spears is the best so I especially thought the jokes about her were the funniest. They made so much fun of her. Ha ha ha!
(I used to love the actual Britney Spears' music growing up.)
The whole cast started off as our waiters who served us and refilled our drinks and things like that. After we ate dinner and the plates were taken away is when the show began. The same people who were are waiters were also the performers.
For dinner we ate:
Prime rib
Chicken with some sort of mushroom sauce
Green beans
Mashed potatoes
Pecan pie with a homemade whipped cream (Brittany Shears was claiming she made it. Want to know how? She said she learned from her mother. Go to Wal-mart and buy it. Take it out of the container, place it on the counter, cut it, and serve.)
They had water, tea and Coke products.
You could also bring your own bottle of your favorite alcoholic beverage - they provided the glasses and bottle openers.

Here is the cast:
(You might have to click on it to see a better picture)
The food the show serves comes from this restaurant- The Standard. It was a little bit down the road and across the street.
This is the program we were given at our seats.
Names of the cast members.
Ottis, the drunk
From left to right:
Garth Rivers
Brittnay Shears
Sharron Osleen
The Sherriff
Share Bono
The Presenter

When you first get to the show, they pick an actor or singer who you will be during the show.
I was Madonna!
My mom was Christina Aguilera. :)
My mom's husband was Bruce Springsteen.

Here is the "money" you got to use to ask for clues after the murder has been committed. I think they should of had more clues for us to buy. None of the tables guessed the murderer correctly.

The rules:
I picked Otis!
All in all, I thought it was fun. I feel it is a bit pricey, but worth going to see once.
Thank you mom for taking me, I had a very nice time!

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