Saturday, June 6, 2009

Milk and Cookies After I Rub My Lotion On

I had to go to Walgreen's today since, as usual, I had Register Reward Dollars ($6) expiring tomorrow and I wanted to make sure I used them.
I decided since I needed milk and I knew it was not on sale at Kroger that I should buy a gallon for $2.69....same price as Kroger. To make the deal sweeter, the sign said buy any 2 participating Nabisco cookies and gallon of milk, get $3 Register Rewards back. Not a bad deal.
Milk $2.69
Cookies 2 for $7 according to the sign.
So I thought it would be about $10 then minus my $6 RR.
Well, the milk rang up fine and the cookies did even better.... 2 for $5 (they had it marked wrong)... So I am thinking it will be about $8 minus my $6 RR!
I could only use $3 of my RR since you cannot use RR towards dairy.....WHO KNEW!
I still paid about what I thought I would, but now I gotta find something else to use my RRs on.

I go to the car to put away my milk and cookies and grab a few of my coupons for these wonderful deals that totaled to $2 after tax.

I got the last 3 Vaseline lotions on clearance for $1.89 minus my 3 $1.25 coupons.
$0.64 each
(Just so you know, this is my FAVORITE brand of lotion so you can just imagine how happy I was to get these! Wish they had more of the bigger bottles.)
Dove lotion on clearance for $3.19 minus my $1.50 off coupon
Stickers as my filler item for $0.50

$7.31 for:
2 Chips Ahoy Cookies
4 Bottles of Lotion
Pack of Stickers

And $3 RR

A little more then I would have liked to spend, but not bad.

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