Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Am So Frustrated!

So I know you should not complain about your job on a blog, but I figured why not.... no one knows who I am except for a handful of people.... only one who works with me...
Yesterday I heard my lead's husband had to move for his job and she was going with him. According to a source, she was going to announce it to our team in a meeting today.
She did not do this.
So I finally got the courage to go into her office and let her know I would like to be considered for her job if it ever become available.
(I wanted to make sure she knew this since when a training position came up where I work it was never announced and it was given to someone who I feel did not deserve it.)
She said she was not planning to leave until next year but she would remember what I said.
Next year?
So now I do not know what to believe!
That is fine if she is not leaving, but if that is the case, I now know I will never move up in this company.
I need to find a new job!
But it is so hard!
Before I graduated college I went on several job interviews and only got one second interview.
What is wrong with me?
Why couldn't I find a good job?
So now I am in the same boat I was in 2 years ago!
Life is not fair!
I feel I should have a good paying job by now.
I would like to buy a house this year but that dream seems to be getting further and further away from me.
Oh, and at my current job, we had our reviews about 2 months ago....for at least 3 paychecks they have been saying mine and 4 other people's raise will be on our check. It still is not on there! At this point, they owe us a little over 2 months of back pay for our raise. But now I am worried I will never see that money since I have nothing in writing....
What am I going to do?


  1. Hi Jessica,

    I have been where you are. My first recommendation is to think about what dream job you would like. Then go online and find people who have that job or a resume geared toward that job. Find as many as you can. Read them all and see what makes them great or really bad. Then design your resume in the fashion of the greats, of course using your information. Be sure to use "key" industry wording, particularly since many resumes are first read by scanners now. If the researched resumes have a skill that you don't have that is necessary for the job, then start working toward acquiring it.

    Then, get a group of job websites together that you check every day. When you see the job of your dreams, send in a resume with a nice cover letter telling them why you would be perfect for the position. If you get an interview, walk in believing that you are the best person for the job. This may take a while, but persistence pays off. In the mean time, your frustration level may me slightly less because you are at least doing something that will give you hope.

    This worked for me. It's easier when you have a job as you already do. It took about a year for me to land a career/dream job. My education is in education and business, but I emphasized my research skills and now work in the criminal justice field as a research analyst.

  2. I greatly appreciate your kind words! They meant a lot to me. I will take your advice and look online for resumes that are great and will be useful to help me build mine. I will be sure to post online as I go along on this journey. Thank you for taking the time to say what you did.