Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cheap Tennessean

As usual, on my way to the Y today I stopped at Walgreen's to purchase 2 newspapers.
As I go to select my local city's newspaper I see a sign. I read the sign which states - "All summer long, the Tennessean is $0.99 on Sunday and $0.50 all other days." (Or something like that - I wish I had my camera with me to take a picture of it!)
What a bargain!
I only ever by 2 at first (sometimes 1) and usually go back if their are some good coupons.... I am a bit disappointed with today's coupons. I only cut out a few that I liked.
One thing I found interesting though was if you look inside USA WEEKEND (their are always a few coupons in here) I saw in the first one I flipped through a coupon for BUY 6 DEL MONTE CANNED ITEMS, GET 1 FREE!
So I clipped it.
My next newspaper had two USA WEEKEND in it... but neither one had this coupon....
LOOK Below!

Weird right?
I wonder why this happened?
So check yours and see if you were lucky enough to receive this coupon.

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