Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Walk In The Park

After about 2 weeks of rain, yesterday afternoon and today have been such beautiful days!
I decided to take Wyatt to our local state park to get some exercise and sun.
Here Wyatt is looking at me to tell me -"Let's go slow poke....lots more to smell and pee on!"
Wyatt stopped every few feet to sniff a plant and/or pee on a plant.
We had a nice time walking.
Wyatt even met a nice dog to sniff and say "hello" to.
We saw TONS of turtles swimming and this group of turtles was enjoying the day on this fallen tree.

Once we finished walking we went back to the car to go home.
Doesn't Wyatt look hot and tired?
It doesn't take much to tire him out. :)
Look at his tongue sticking out?
Hope your day was as beautiful as ours was!

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