Monday, May 25, 2009

Use Before Expiration

Walgreen's has not been having as good of deals as they once used to!
Starting on Saturday, I had a $6 RR that was about to expire. They had nothing I wanted so I ended up buying 4 packages of 375 count q-tips for $2 each with 4 $0.30 off coupons. I also bought a pack of sponges for $1.09
I had another $6 RR expiring yesterday so I bought all this:
7 generic 4 packs of toilet paper on clearance for $0.70 each (I got the last 7 they had)
1 $1.09 pack of sponges
It cost me $0.95 OOP (Out of pocket)
I figured I could always use toilet paper. :)
I have 2 more $6 RR expiring tomorrow!
I hate that I am not getting more Register Rewards when I spend mine!
I do not know what I will buy with my remaining ones. I think I will get food or cleaning items since I do not want my money to go to waste.
I wonder what other people buy when they have to use there coupons ASAP?

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