Sunday, May 31, 2009

Triple Experience At H.T.

So as you know, Harris Teeter had their wonderful triple coupon event going on right till Tuesday. I am not fortunate enough to have one in my town so I drove the hour drive to the city yesterday to do the triple event.
This is what I purchased:
(Did they in 2 different transaction since you can only use 3 of the same coupons in one transaction per card, per day.)
Here is the breakdown (I am not going to list where the coupons are from like some bloggers do since I do not keep track of that - sorry.)

12 single servings of Easy Mac
$1 each
6 $0.55 off 2 - tripled to $1.65
Paid $0.35 for 2
(Good for bringing to work for lunch)

4 No Yolk noodles
$2.19 each
4 $0.75 off - tripled to $2.19

4 Ortega Fat Free Refried Beans
$1.39 each
2 $0.75 off 2 - tripled to $2.25
Paid $0.53 for 2

2 16-Count Lipton Tea Bags
$1.19 each
2 $0.50 - tripled to $1.19

Self Magazine (I buy this usually)
$0.50 off - tripled to $1.50
Paid $2.49

2 Light Lemonades
$1.67 each
No coupon

2 Yakisobe Meals
$1.29 for 2
No coupon

We went here after Kroger so didn't need as many items!
I feel this was a good experience!
I will continue to shop during the triple coupons events each month!
It is so much fun!

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