Thursday, May 28, 2009

Triple Coupon Opportunity

Harris Teeter is having triple coupons up to $0.99 again!
Whoo Hoo!!!
It started on Wednesday and will go through Tuesday June 2.
I am excited!
I plan on going to the city to take advantage of this deal over the weekend.

Also, if you have a Kroger near your Harris Teeter, call and see if they are offering triple coupons as well. The local Kroger by the Harris Teeter I plan to go to is offering this wonderful deal.

Both stores allow you to use 20 coupons per transaction
You can only do one transaction per day. (I get around this by having my own card and Matt having his own)

I think both stores will accept Internet coupons (they do in my area but check yours).

I hope you get some good buys if you decide to take advantage of this deal.

I will post what I buy after I go shopping.

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