Sunday, May 3, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game....

I had a wonderful day!

I had wonderful shopping experiences today which I will talk about in my next post. The only bad place I went to was CVS....they were completely out of Command hooks! The only things I wanted! I still want some and the coupon does not expire till June so I will probably wait and see if they go on sale anywhere else between now and then. I did, however, finally sign up for a CVS card.

My mom had tickets to a certain team's baseball game for this evening and they decided not to go and gave the tickets to me and Matt.

I was a little concerned about it raining since it has been raining off and on for the past week and will continue to rain into this upcoming week. Luckily, it only sprinkled for about 20 minutes near the end.

When we arrived we were told it was a double header. I didn't even know what that was at the time! I now know it means there will be two games in a row. Thank goodness too because our home team lost the first game...horribly.... and then won the second game. (They played the same team twice.)

When we first got there, this family sitting behind us were driving us nuts! We get there and the mother is across three seats - 2 OF WHICH WERE OURS! So I tell her they are our seats and she waits a few seconds before moving over. Then, about 3 minutes after, she walks in front of us to get up and leave to who knows where. She then comes back and sits with her family who are also annoying by getting up and down and up and down and hitting our heads. (Small kids) I wanted to yell at them. And the mother was LOUD the entire time. She just kept talking and talking in her loud booming voice.

We get up to go get some dinner and when we come back she is in our seats AGAIN, sprawled out! So I tap her on the shoulder and she doesn't even turn around. Her husband has to get her attention and then tells us she was keeping our seats warm. YA RIGHT!!! Some people are just SO rude!!!

They FINALLY left when the first game ended! Matt and I were able to enjoy the second game in peace.

The family in front of us and to our right had a cute little girl (about 5 years old) who wanted to catch a ball very badly. Her dad kept walking her and her brother to the bottom by the dugout in hopes of getting a ball handed to them since the team was giving one out after each inning they were out on the field. She never got one. The poor girl started crying. Not because she seemed spoiled and wasn't getting her way, but because she really wanted one. I felt bad for her.


She left in a good mood after the fireworks show though.


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