Sunday, May 31, 2009

Skittles and H2O

We went to 2 different Targets yesterday.
Always fun to see if they have any good items on clearance, and if they do, how cheap can you get them!

Well, at the first Target, I scored a cupcake holder for $2.48 - I wished they had another. I now plan to bring cupcakes to my next work cookout. I had wanted one of these for so long and now I am lucky enough to have found one for 75% off.
When we were checking out, the cashier kept looking at it and saying she wanted one. I told her it was the last one and I think she wanted mine because it took her forever to finally ring it up.
I bought 2 Propel 6-packs of water. Look below to see how much I paid. I also bought 8 bags of Skittles and I know what you are thinking. "Why does someone who is trying to lose weight buy 8 big bags of Skittles?" I'll tell you. It is because I will portion them out and will be glad to have them when I have a craving. Plus, I know how to hide things from myself. (I have had chocolate covered sunflower seeds in the cabinet since Christmas - I don't tend to crave them since they are there and out of site. Not sure why.) Anyways, look below for the price of the skittles as well.

Whooooo Hooooo!!!

Cheap right?

I wish they had more water.....I would have bought it all!

Here is what I got at the next Target -

Swiffer Dusters - $3.48 and used $1 off coupon
4 packs of 2 packs of Rayovac batteries that I need for a mail in rebate.

(Thank you Annystribe for telling me where I can find these in Target!)

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