Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Poor Parents...

So as you know if you read my blog post from yesterday, today was Old Navy's one day sale where you could get solid colored flip flops for $1 each. You also know I was going to be out of town and my parents were going to the store to get me some.

Well, my mom said when she got there it was completely crowded in the store. The flip flops were all in the middle of the store on racks on "arms". Mom said they had no method for selling these - no organization. But, she was able to deal with it. So she is in line to get to the flip flops when someone says, "Why is everyone in a line? Just go to the flip flops." And she did - and so did other people. This upset my mom and they left without any. She called me very apologetic about it, but like I told her, I would not have even gone in the store had I been there and it was that packed.

So they go to another Old Navy later in the day. Almost all the flip flops were sold out! They were able to find 3 pairs - black, brown, and orange.
I am very happy with these three colors!
Of course I would have loved more, however, what they went through in the first store to get them was not worth it at all!
Not one bit!
When they were checking out at this Old Navy, the cashier told them they opened at 8AM and when he got to work their was ALREADY a line!

For flip flops!


I do not need them that bad!


Thank you both for getting me some flip flops!

I appreciate them!

P.S. Did you notice Wyatt was in the picture? I took four pictures - and he was in all of them!

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