Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kicked My Butt

I am so very proud of myself today!

Last week at Weight Watchers, C. and I were talking about how we both go to the same gym. She goes to a bunch of classes and said I should try one. So Tuesday at the meeting we decided to go today to 2 different 30 minute classes which were back to back.

So I get there 15 minutes early to get myself all together. Well, I arrived before C. and became nervous since I was not exactly sure which room the SCULPT class was in. I found where I thought it was and asked the two people in line if this was where the class was. One lady said yes and that she was the instructor. Awesome!

I asked her how the class is and she responds be telling me we use weights and would do lunges and what not. Sounded good to me. She even suggested I get the 4-pound weights and 6-pounds weight since I was a beginner. This was good advice which I took it!
So we used 2 different sets of weights, a medicine ball, an exercise ball, a step thingy (?), and a mat.
The exercises were kinda hard in the end since I was getting tired in the end. I liked it though! We then stayed for the AB class with the same instructor.

That class was SOOOOOO hard!
I don't think I would ever go to it again if I didn't have anyone to go with.

I could feel it in my abs!

We used the same tools for this class.

After the class, my legs felt like jelly!

I was extremely worked out!

I had never felt like that!

So glad I went!

C. does not read my blog, or even know about it, but THANK YOU FOR GETTING ME TO COME!!!!

Next week we are going to go to the ZUMBA class on Friday - 55 minutes! (I work next Thursday.) I will have to switch which class I do each week.
ZUMBA reminds me of the game ZUMA....but ZUMBA, from what I understand, is a bunch of moving around in dance moves.


Here it is now Sunday and I am still kinda sore!

I am glad I went, but hate feeling this way!

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