Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Love Babies

These are the baby gifts I got for the two people who are having baby's at work.

The boy gifts are for the girl who is moving this weekend to South Carolina. Her baby shower was last Friday, but of course, I had to work my second job. I didn't know what to give her since she is in the process of moving so I gave her a size 3 month baby one-piece body suit and a 12 month outfit.

**I always buy baby outfits when I see them for a good price on clearance where I work my second job. I tend to have a bunch of baby showers to go to these days so this helps me save money and always have a gift on hand. (A, don't tell anyone my secret.!) This is where I got my baby boy clothes.

The girl gifts are for the baby shower we had today at work.
I gave her a thing of diapers, a size 3 month baby one-piece body suit , and a hoody baby towel.
I think my gifts were all cute, but you never know what someone will like. I especially didn't know since I only know these people from work. I have never hung out with either one of them outside of work.
I wish I knew had to crochet and could make baby blankets as gifts. Three people I worj with did just that! They were all beautiful!
One of these days my mom needs to teach me!
I want to make blankets for myself too!

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