Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Help On Healthcare

I need to make a decision by tomorrow (Friday at the latest) as to whether or not I want to keep my health insurance.

I am leaning towards cancelling it.

I have the second to the lowest health care option!

I hate that it will cost me an extra $40 per paycheck (I get paid twice a month).

That is an extra $80 a month out of my paycheck!

I have better ways to spend my money...especially considering I only used my health insurance three times last year.

Once for the girly doctor.
Once for when I cut my eye.
Once for needing sinus infection medicine.
I still had to pay a $20 co-pay each time.
Plus, when I went to the girly doctor I was billed even more money.

I still have leftover medicine for my eye and sinus infection.
I want to cancel my insurance since I know I can go to the health department and what I will pay is based on what I make.

The only con I can think of for not having insurance is what if the unexpected happens? Hopefully I will not get into a car wreck or develop cancer anytime soon. (Knock on wood!)

I already don't have dental or eye care coverage since I feel it is too expensive and I feel it is cheaper to pay out of pocket. (However, I have not been to the dentist for a cleaning in over a year....NOT GOOD!)

I do plan on looking for a new job once my resume is finished so I am hoping I will be offered more affordable health care, dental, and eye coverage at my next job.

It is ridiculous that health care prices are going up so high! If Obama is so great he needs to do something about this....FAST!!!And no, the answer is not to have a country wide health care plan. (That is the dumbest idea!) Who may I ask will fund that? The country is already in enough debt! I'll tell you who, US, the tax payers!!!

I need to stop blogging now and get ready for my second job since all I seem to be doing is complaining about everything today. Let me know if you have any opinions on whether or not I should cancel my health care coverage.
I think I will cancel it, but I am afraid.....
In the end, I cancelled my Healthcare Insurance.
I have decided to place the money I would have spent on insurance before the price increase into a savings account.

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