Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Advice On Couponing

I have learned a lot in the short amount of time I have been into couponing. I have came a long way from where I started. When I first started I was not willing to try different brands. I would flip through the ads to see where the best deal was, but not always follow through with going to that store and making my purchase. Now, I look through the ads and write down where the deals are and I go online to see if anyone has posted unadvertised deals. I truly enjoy doing this!

I have learned to buy several newspapers when there are good coupons. (I now ALWAYS buy at least 2)
I have learned to always print 2 of each coupon I find online. (2 is the most amount of times you can print most of them from one computer) When I can, I print a second set of coupons from Matt's computer.
I have learned to be patient with myself and others when checking outwith coupons.
I have learned to buy the smallest unit I can with a coupon. You buy the smallest unit of an item you can in order to have the best deal. Make sure you read the coupon to see what it excludes. Sometimes,you can buy the trial size of an item to get the best value.

I print off any coupon I think I will use and I clip any coupon from the newspaper I think I will use. I had read on someone's blog that you should print/clip any coupon for any item you would buy if you could get it for free or close to free. At first, I did this.

I have learned this method does not work for me.
I don't need 10 tubes of toothpaste....5 is enough. :)
I think it would be different if I had children who were also using these items, but I don't. Now don't get me wrong....if an item I like and I have a coupon for is on sale and will be free or close to free, I will stock up (I have about 20 things of deodorant). You just have to find out which method works for you. You always donate your excess items to a local charity or your church.
When I first started getting serious about couponing I had an accordion like coupon filer. This worked out great when I only had so many coupons, but once I gained more, I needed something better and could hold more without looking like it was about to burst at the seems.
At this point, I moved onto my lovely coupon binder after researching different organizational methods on different people's blogs. (You can get tons of wonderful ideas from other's blogs!)
I love my coupon binder!
It has worked out so well for me!
I was embarrassed by it the first few times I used it....I even carried it in a big black purse and only took it out to look for a coupon. Now I feel I have to have it when I shop. I don't even mind leaving it open in the cart the entire time I shop. It is so much easier to flip through those pages for coupons instead of having to look through each and every coupon in the other coupon holder I had. It does take a little while to file them after I clip the coupons, but it saves time when I am actually shopping.
Now when I go shopping and save lots of money I feel so proud of myself!
It is such a high for me!

One day I hope to be one of those couponers who get money back from clipping coupons!

I am doubtful though.....I always read the blogs where they get overage from their coupons - I don't think that has ever happened to me.
How do you use your coupons?

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