Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do You Brown Bag It?

I meant to post this yesterday!

Do you bring your lunch to work?

I try to bring it every day... I do good at getting it together.... the problem is that I do not always want to eat what I bring. It seems everyone I work with eat out every single day!
It must be nice to be able to spend the money each day and eat the calories.

However, I do not want to spend the money or the calories!

I am not rich nor do I have a very fast metabolism!

Today for example, I brought leftover dinner - a chicken pasta sort of meal....
Well, people I work with were talking about eating pizza. So of course my mouth started to water and that was all I could think about for the next thirty minutes or so. Then, before I went to lunch, someone brought back chicken wings. My mouth watered all over again! The chicken wings smelt so good!

In the end I did end up eating my meal even though it was very hard for me to do.
Plus, here at work we do not have any type of break room. We used to be able to eat at our desk, but now we can't. This makes it even harder to bring my lunch. I end up having to eat in my car. It isn't so bad eating in my car on the nice days when I can go to the bowling alley parking lot, under a tree, with my windows rolled down. But soon, it will be too hot to eat in the car. I feel like work is against me losing weight and saving money.


Do you bring your lunch or eat out?

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