Sunday, May 3, 2009

Decent Triple Coupon Experience

Since we were already going into the city today, we decided to take advantage of Harris Teeter's triple coupon event. Prior to going I read all the rules and knew what to expect. I even went through my entire coupon binder and wrote down how many of which coupons I had and for how much for the triple event. I was completely organized and ready for this day. I knew Matt and I would both have to make a purchase since the limit was 20 coupons per person per day. I had about 80 or so coupons I was hoping to use.
When we get there we see on the door the event being advertised and how you have to have a VIC shopping card (like a Kroger Plus card). So we both go to customer service to sign up. This part was effortless. The lady was extremely nice and even explained the rules to us. Very helpful had I not already knew them. She even told us about a lady who drove to the store from another state just to take advantage of the deals. Well, she must not have read the rules. Apparently she had a full cart of groceries and went to check out and was told she could only use 20 coupons per day and she could not break up the transactions. She was mad! She made them put everything back! Just goes to show you that you really do need to know the rules before you go to an event like that. Lesson learned.....I am glad that wasn't me!
Harris Teeter by me is a small store. This was the first time we had ever been in it. Their items are WAY over priced! We only ended up using 19 coupons total! We could have used more coupons, but I felt like we could have gotten better deals at Kroger or anywhere else.

Here is what we bought:
12 Light and Fit yogurts 10 for $4 - Used 2 $0.60 off coupons
2 Yo-Plus yogurts $2.49 - Used 2 $0.50 off
1 Yo Crunch yogurt $3 - Used $0.75 off
4 Eggo waffles $2.49 - Used 4 $0.75 off
3 Mahatma rice $1.49 - Used 3 $0.50 off
3 No Yolks noodles $1.99 - Used $0.75 off
1 pkg Bisquick $3.17 - Used $0.60 off
2 cans of Dole Pineapples $0.99 - Used 1 $0.55 off 2 cans
1 Dawn $1.39 - Used $0.50 off
1 Magic Eraser $2.99 - Used $0.75 off

We split it up just in case.

Total spent on all the above items: $10.98
We meet a fellow couponer while we were shopping. She heard Harris Teeter will be doing doing triple coupons once a month! If this is true, I will have to try to make it into the city to go shopping on that weekend.

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