Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wish I Had More Of These Coupons!

Had another wonderful shopping experience on my lunch break.
Went to Walgreen's on my lunch break since I knew I would not be able to go after work. I got my free reusable shopping bag along with 2 news papers and 2 Action Scrubbers.
~Shopping Bag $0.99 - 20% = $0.79 - free coupon = free
~2 Newspapers $1.50 - 15% off from coupon = $1.27 each
~2 Action Scrubbers $3.50 - 15% off from coupon = $2.97 - $2.75 manu. coupon (no longer available to print online) = $0.22 each PLUS: $1 RR for buying 2 items!!!

Who Hoo!!!
I wish I had more Action Scrubber coupons!!!
Awesome deal if you have any of these!!!

I didn't think I would get 15% off on my items but I did!
I had planned on using a $3 RR but was only able to use a $2RR..... Had I have known my subtotal was $0.98 I would have added something to my sale to make my out of pocket expenses even cheaper!

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