Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Inventory

I am very excited to show you my organized stock pile of items in my hall closet.
Now remember, I am still new to this so mine does not look as full as other's do. And, some of this stuff I already had prior to couponing since I have always liked to find a good deal and buy in bulk when on sale. Plus, I am a true pack rat! I am a big enough person to admit I keep EVERYTHING!

The big bottles of shampoos and conditioners on the left I already had. At $5 a bottle, I had thought they were a good bargain when I first moved out. So I had bought 8 I believe. Not such a good deal after all. :)

I wish I had larger quantities of toilet paper but now I have to pay for it since Kroger no longer carries the 4 pack which I was able to get free each time thanks to coupons. Today at Walgreen's I had to actually pay for toilet paper. Was kinda sad. :(


  1. Who's gonna move this crap?

  2. When the time comes, I am confident a certain 6'5" man will be asked to lift the heavy boxes! Ha!