Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marley and Me

We watched Marley and Me yesterday.
Such a good movie!
I really enjoyed it!
I would recommend you see it and then stop it near the end.
The last 20 minutes or so had me crying.
It was so sad.
I am sure you already know this, but Marley dies of old age in the end.
It is extremely touching since it was so realistic. You can tell the family loved their dog and took good care of him, but you cannot stop the circle of life. I feel like I can relate to this. Sometimes it is better to stop the suffering of your pet and just let them go. That means you love your dog enough to set him free of his pain.
A dog is truly man's best friend!
Here's is my best friend about to eat...
Now eating.... I love him!

Here's the cake I made!It was yummy!I loved the cake itself....not so much the frosting. But then again, I don't really care for frosting to begin with.

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  1. thanks for ruining the ending a movie i have not seen yet.