Friday, April 17, 2009

Wonderful Shopping Trip

Matt and I went to the city today to do some shopping since I KNEW Target, my all time favorite store, would have Easter clearance at 75% off!
I was right!

I got all sorts of lovely things!
I spent $17 on all of the Easter stuff and dog food shown above.
If you are looking to buy some after Easter sale items, I suggest checking out Target.
The only non Easter clearance items I found worth while were the dog canned food. They were $0.62 a piece and I had 2 coupons for 'buy 1 get 1 free'.
If you know me personally, you know I went to several different Targets to get all my items. However, you would be surprised to know I only purchased from 2 different Targets. Shocked? The other 2 I went too didn't really have anything good left. I still plan on checking my local Target tomorrow.
I also went into Staples while in the city. I had been wanting to go here even since I had read online how the store changed the wrapper on one style of paper they carried.
The SKU # is 554838 if you want to try looking for it.
The size is 8.5 x 11
500 sheets
If you are lucky enough to find the paper, it will cost you $6.99 per pack.
and fill out the rebate form for $5.99 back per pack bought. You can do this as many times as you want.
Good deal right?
I sure thought so!
Of course, I had no luck.
Not with this paper anyways.
The $1 paper was the best deal, but I did manage to find a good deal for myself.
I bought these last 3 packs of paper.
Regular price: $8.99
Clearance price: $2.50
Is is a shame they did not have more.
You should check out your local Staples to see if you are lucky.
Just think, this is more paper to print more coupons on!
It is the money saving circle!
(Stay tuned for my next blog on Walgreen's)

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