Saturday, April 4, 2009

In My Good Graces Again

As you saw in my blog from earlier today, Skintimate Shaving gel is $2.99 with $3 back in register rewards this week at Walgreen's (ends today). I went back to buy more today. First going to the one by my house then going to the one by the interstate.
Thank goodness I went to the one by the interstate! This is the second time I have gone there and I have gotten wonderful service both times.
I first bought another shaving gel and my giraffe and while I the cashier was ringing up my items we were talking about using coupons and how someone the other day bought about $100 worth of items and only paid $6! How awesome, right?
So I decided to ask her about the problem I had been having.
Problem: When I try to buy certain items this keeps happening to me.
Example: $5.99 for Glade candle $4 Easy Saver Walgreen's coupon with $2 manufacture coupon
I have not been able to buy items that would create and overage. Why?
Her answer: They aren't suppose to, but at their store, as long as you ask they usually will allow you to use them both.
Me: Awesome! You just made my day.
So I keep talking to her and tell her what I want to buy and she tells me to go get it and I can purchase it using my coupons and all.
Here is what I purchased:
***1 Skintimate Shaving gel: $2.99 (3 RR)
***3 20 ft Reynolds Wrap $1.79.... Walgreen's coupon made it $0.89 and I had 3 $1 off coupons which gave this $0.11 overage each.
***2 Glade candles $5.99... $4 ES and $2 M which made this $0.01 overage

You can see I paid more in tax then I paid for the items!
I absolutely love this Walgreen's and this cashier and will try to always shop at this particular one even though it is a little further.
I truly feel like one of the bloggers whose blog I read. No wonder they are always so eager to post their deals! I feel very happy about my experience!

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