Friday, April 17, 2009

I Finally Created My Coupon Binder!

Since I was not feeling well and took today off from work ,I decided I should do something productive.
I started off by doing some cleaning, blog looking, and coupon printing.
(Yes, I know, not all of the above was productive!)
So I decided to finish my coupon binder.
Why not, right?
It should make me life easier when shopping.
At least, I hope!
I have been using an according like coupon holder. Worked out great when I did not clip many coupons, but now I print coupons from the Internet and buy multiple Sunday newspapers which made this method not so good anymore. My coupon holder was barely staying shut!
Before I decided what I wanted to do, I looked online at people's blogs to see what method of coupon organization I thought would best help me. And let me tell you, I looked at LOTS! I finally decided to do it this way since I thought it would be easy and cheap for me to do. Plus, I can always try a different method if this one does not work out well for me.
Previously, I had separated all my coupons into different categories into separate labeled ziplock bags. I did this since I knew I would not finish all the organizing in one day. I would not suggest putting them inside ziplock bags unless you know for sure you will use them again. I ended up throwing mine out. WHAT A WASTE!! But I really did not think I would use them again since I plan to get all my couponing done each Sunday and I figured it would be a waste to keep them.
Once I had all the separating done I gathered my supplies.
I used:
*1 binder (Given to me for free from my mom. THANKS!)
*A bunch of Sport card holders (Given to me for free from my brother. THANKS!)
*Post-It tabs from Walgreen's (Not sure how much $...used register Rewards on them.)
Yesterday, I wrote down on a piece of paper what my different sections would be, and what order they would be in.
This took a lot of work!
I finally decided what order to order all my coupons...but I am sure it will probably change once i start using my binder.
The hardest part of all was actually putting them into the pages. My back was hurting since I was hunched over for so long. This step took me a few hours to do. Thankfully, it is done and should be easy to do if I keep up each week.

Here's how it looks!

What do you think?
Any suggestions?
I LOVE my coupon binder! think at first Matt was embarrassed by it, but now I think he sees how much money it is saving me. I do have a big business-like purse I carry it in when I go grocery shopping to help conceal it some if I don't need to go through my coupons. I plan on re-arranging some of my order since it doesn't all flow well. I will be doing my coupon binder (food coupons) in the order the aisles are.
I'll post again about my binder when I do that. I will also include my catagories.

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