Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Tradition

Usually, every year, from the time I was a little girl, I remember coloring eggs.
We even did it while at my grandparent's house one year on Spring Break. So now that I am all grown up and in my own home, I have decided I will continue with the tradition.
And why not???
What's not to love about dying eggs???
For this project I bought a coloring kit, 1 dozen eggs (but used 18 since I already had some), and white vinegar.

Easy enough.

Cheap enough.

I'm sure everyone knows how to do this.

But if not, here are directions:
To boil your eggs, place in a pan with water covering them.

Now turn your stove dial to "High."


Once they begin to bubble cover and turn off the heat. I think you are suppose to remove it from the burner as well....I did...but not sure.

Keep covered for about 15 or so minutes.

After this time period, your eggs should be fully cooked.

Don't touch them yet!

Carry pan (use pan holders) to the sink and rinse with cold water until your eggs are fully cooled down.

Hopefully, while your eggs were hardening you were busy preparing your dye.

No, you say.

You weren't?

Shame on you!

Just kidding!

It is okay.

You can do that now.

I will help you.

(You obviously need it!)


Again, I am just joking!

(Geez....learn to take a joke!)


Your package should contain 6 or so dye tablets like mine did. Follow the instructions on the box and make 6 or so separate dye batches. I chose to use paper cups so I would not have to worry about washing the dishes. My directions called for 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and half a cup of water. Once you have your dyes all together you are all ready!On to the fun part!
Dip your eggs in any of the colors to make your eggs as beautiful as you want them. You can even mix the colors if you want. I suggest letting your first coat dry before placing it in a different color which will help your colors not turn brown or black. But that is just my opinion. you do whatever you want to do. You should take my suggesting though. I can assure you, my brother has made some gross looking dyes in the past. You would not want to dip your nice white egg in it. If you do decide you like brown or black eggs, at least do it in the end.
Their is no going back once your dye becomes these colors.

NOTE - The longer you keep an egg in a certain color, the darker the color will be.

Look how pretty my eggs came out!
Now I need to find a pretty bowl for mine to rest in.I should have bought more Easter grass to place my eggs on.Oh well!Good luck with yours!
P.S. Make sure you keep your eggs refrigerated. I would hate for your home to small like rotten eggs!

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