Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Need To Take Advantage Of This

I was not able to score any of these wonderful hooks from CVS. I hear they will be on a good sale next week at Target though.

Do you love Command hooks as much as I do?

If you do, go to this link and print lots of $2.50 off coupons.

(As many as you want!)

If you are lucky enough to have a CVS near where you live, print AT LEAST 6 of these coupons....if not 12!

They are currently on sale this week 2 for $5.

Buy $15 worth of Command hooks (before coupons) and get $5 back onto your CVS card for a future purchase.

I'm jealous if you get to use these at CVS.

I think I will go to the city this weekend to see if I can find a CVS to take advantage of this deal.

I use these hooks to hang my curtains. I put two command hooks on either side of each of my windows and hung a rod with curtains on it. It works nicely!
When you remove the hooks, they are not suppose to leave any mess on your wall. Then, you can reuse them somewhere else!

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