Sunday, April 5, 2009

Be Careful

I forgot to mention this yesterday....
Remember the coupon website I gave some of you to receive one free bag of Rice Works chips?

Matt and I were at Wal-mart yesterday and decided to get another bag since I still had a coupon on me. Since we were only buying 2 items we decided to use the self checkout lane. When we scanned the coupon some message popped up about the item not matching.
Well, the lady came and took our coupon and said she would be right back, she was going to find out about it. When she came back she had a piece of paper in her hand with a photo of the coupon we were trying to use and on their it was saying the coupon is counterfeit and it was fraud!
You know me - I had to explain to her I printed it off the Internet and I never meant to commit any type of fraud!
I sure hope she believed me!
I suggest if you have any of these coupons you don't use them or you are very careful when you do use them.

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  1. I saw that on the net somewhere, I had a few of those to redeem too!

    BTW I am having a giveaway if you want to enter