Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Need To Take Advantage Of This

I was not able to score any of these wonderful hooks from CVS. I hear they will be on a good sale next week at Target though.

Do you love Command hooks as much as I do?

If you do, go to this link and print lots of $2.50 off coupons.

(As many as you want!)

If you are lucky enough to have a CVS near where you live, print AT LEAST 6 of these coupons....if not 12!

They are currently on sale this week 2 for $5.

Buy $15 worth of Command hooks (before coupons) and get $5 back onto your CVS card for a future purchase.

I'm jealous if you get to use these at CVS.

I think I will go to the city this weekend to see if I can find a CVS to take advantage of this deal.

I use these hooks to hang my curtains. I put two command hooks on either side of each of my windows and hung a rod with curtains on it. It works nicely!
When you remove the hooks, they are not suppose to leave any mess on your wall. Then, you can reuse them somewhere else!

So Cute

I think everyone thinks their own dog is the cutest, and the smartest, and the sweetest.
But, isn't he cute?
My sweet little boy all asleep!

So Fresh And So Clean

Since my coupons were expiring today I went and bought for soap from Wal-Mart.

6 for $2.48 each
Used 6 $2 off coupons
Total cost was $0.48 each before tax

Sierra Mist was $1 each and I had a B1G1 free coupon
Good deals!

Nivea Free After RR

Went to Walgreen's today to get my $1 profit Nivea body wash after $1 off coupon and $5 Register Rewards.

Cost $4.99 each
Used $1 off coupon on each
Cost $3.99 plus tax
Received $5 RR for future purchase
(I did this in 2 separate transactions)
When shopping at Walgreen's remember to be able to use previous RR you must have one item per coupon or RR.
(I suggest the facial tissues for $0.29 each as a filler item if you need something to be able to use more RRs)
I bought this Ant Farm for $3.99 on clearance at Walgreen's .
I love Ant Farms!
I previously had the blue glow one from Brookstone, but now all the ants are dead.
I can hardly wait to order my ants and receive them in the mail.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PLEASE READ Dog Warning !!!!

A while back A. sent me the cutest email. Well, I was going through my email when I found it once again.

It is as follows..... Please read!!!

If you are an owner of a dog that belongs to a 'dangerous breed' category and you also have a small child please take this as a warning.

Don't leave your dog with the child unattended under any circumstances.

Only a little moment was enough for the following to happen.


Not what you expected huh?

I had thought something happened to the child.

Absolutely hilarious!!!

Harris Teeter's Triple Coupon Event

I got the scoop on Harris Teeter's Triple Coupon Event! For those of you lucky enough to live near one, it is going to be awesome! I live about an hour away yet I feel it is a good enough sale for me to drive to it.
I went to the store's website and here are the highlights of what I found:

*The sale is effective Wednesday, April 29th through Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
*Coupons up to $0.99 will be tripled (Max of $2.97)
*Only 20 coupons per transaction, per day will be tripled....the rest will be at face value (This is why both of us will be shopping and ringing up separate)
****Note...The website says you cannot break up your order to do several different transactions to only use 20 per order....maybe you can if you get a nice cashier.
*They do accept Internet coupons
*Only three of the same coupons will be accepted if their are regular coupons. For printed Internet coupons only two will be tripled
*No overages from coupons
*You will pay sales tax no matter what (DUH!)

So those are the main points.
You can go to the store's website to see the full coupon policy list.

Hope you get some good bargains if you go there!
I will post about my deals once I have the opportunity to go shopping.

Shout Out

I have to give a shout out to my co-worker - A. (I wont put your name on here in case you don't want it on here.....but you know who you are.)
Thank you for getting us the awesome new id holders!
I absolutely love it already! No more digging in my purse for it!
So once again....THANK YOU!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Addicted To Blogland!

This picture makes me think about myself!
I googled "Blog addiction" pictures to see if I could find anything funny and this is what I found.
I tell people all the time to read my blog whenever something interesting happens in my life. (This doesn't happen often...LOL!)
I can picture this being a conversation my mom and I could have!

I Hate Updating My Resume!!!!

I know it has to be done!

It should always be ready just in case....

Especially in these economic times.
It should have already been done!

It scares me to think of all the well educated people who have college educations and had good paying jobs then, with a blink of the eye, are now jobless.

That will NOT happen to me!

I refuse to let that be me!

I work too hard to have to struggle!

So I have decided I need to update my resume.

I decided this 2 weeks ago....

I have yet to even write one word.

I got as far as pulling up my resume on the screen, then I watched House Hunters on HGTV.
Not good!

I keep saying I will work on it tomorrow.....

Then tomorrow turns into later....

Then after I clean the kitchen....

Then after I dust the living room...

Then after I let Wyatt outside....

And so on and so on.....

I am never going to get it done at this rate!


So frustrating!!!

But, I know it is all my fault!!!

I'll let you know if it EVER gets done!

I Refuse To Turn On My AC

Here it is not even May and it is already in the 80s!!!

Way too hot if you ask me!

The bad thing about living here is we go from hot to cold to hot to cold to hot to cold to hot to cold to hot to cold......every day it seems!

Plus, we went from Winter weather straight to Summer weather!
Why can't we have 4 seasons?

Is this too much to ask?

When we do have Spring or Fall like weather it only lasts a few days!!

I'm partly griping because I am too cheap to turn on my air conditions this soon into the season. I like having small electric bills!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not Good At All

After Easter, when everything was half off, I had went into Target to see what I should look for when the items went 75% off.
Well, if you know me, you know I have no self-control when it comes to food.
Do you know where I am going with this?
Laying nicely on a shelf was helf off peanut M&Ms.
I bought 2!
And 2 bags of regular M&Ms....
And 2 packages of Peeps.....
And Milky way eggs....
The eggs have long been ate, the peeps are half way ate, and now I have ate 1 and a half bags of peanut M&Ms in a week!
What is wrong with me?
Sometimes good deals aren't really good deals!
I'll never learn.....

Good Luck!

Just want to say good luck to my mom and brother!
Hope everything works out well tomorrow!
Call me and let me know!

I Could Never Do This

Finally had time to watch a new movie!
This one is funny and I recommend you rent or buy it!
It is about a man who is stuck in a rut and never feels motivated to do anything but work and watch movies. He also hates his job and does nothing about it.
He then sees an old friend who tells him about the power of saying "yes".
He tells him to come to the seminar and learn about it.
So he does.
He starts saying yes to everything he is asked.
The good.....and the bad...
Can you imagine?
I don't wanna say anymore about it since I do not want to ruin the movie for those of you have not seen it.
If you do see it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

No Scum Between My Teeth

I decided I needed to go to Walgreen's one more time during this week's sale.
The store had a coupon inside their ad to make Reach floss $0.99 each after coupon. I then had 2 $1.50 off 2 coupons and 2 $3 off 3 coupons.
I did 4 transactions
The buy 2 get $1.50 off made 2 for $0.67 which included tax.
The buy 3 get $3 off force me to buy 4 which made them $1.34 which included tax.
Total price including tax for 12 things of floss = $4.02
Not bad!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'll Never Smell Bad

Hardly spent any money at Target today!

I know what you are thinking...
How much deodorant do I need?

Veggies And Sauce

Kroger is awesome!
These are the highlights of what I bought.
Ragu sauce was $1.58 a piece. I had 3 $0.30 off coupons which were doubled to $0.60 each. i thought this was a good deal. This came from the Sunday paper 2 weeks ago.
Steam Fresh Veggies are 10 for 10 right now. So $1 a piece. I had 2 coupons for $1 off 2. Made them $0.50 a piece. This came from last week's paper.
Green Giant Veggies are also 10 for 10. Had 2 coupons from the Internet for $0.50 off which was doubled to a $1 off. So free!
Even if you don't have these coupons, check out Kroger for their wonderful 10 items for $10.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wish I Had More Of These Coupons!

Had another wonderful shopping experience on my lunch break.
Went to Walgreen's on my lunch break since I knew I would not be able to go after work. I got my free reusable shopping bag along with 2 news papers and 2 Action Scrubbers.
~Shopping Bag $0.99 - 20% = $0.79 - free coupon = free
~2 Newspapers $1.50 - 15% off from coupon = $1.27 each
~2 Action Scrubbers $3.50 - 15% off from coupon = $2.97 - $2.75 manu. coupon (no longer available to print online) = $0.22 each PLUS: $1 RR for buying 2 items!!!

Who Hoo!!!
I wish I had more Action Scrubber coupons!!!
Awesome deal if you have any of these!!!

I didn't think I would get 15% off on my items but I did!
I had planned on using a $3 RR but was only able to use a $2RR..... Had I have known my subtotal was $0.98 I would have added something to my sale to make my out of pocket expenses even cheaper!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Reusable Bag

If you love Walgreen's as much as I do, shop there tomorrow (March 22, 2009). Print this coupon from their website and you will receive a free reusable shopping bag. Plus, possible savings of 15%!

Here Comes Hungry

Isn't he cute?

Have you seen his commercials?

He is the FACE of Weight Watchers.


I had my weekly meeting today and my meeting place FINALLY had him for sale! They have been telling us for weeks he would arrive any day. They had 2 different ones. This one for $6, which is magnetic, and a little larger one for $8 - he didn't seem as cool.

I liked this one best since I will see him on my fridge each day. I don't think he will help me eat less, I just think he will bring a smile to my face!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mmmmm....So Good!

I went to my mom's house for dinner yesterday.
We had salmon and mixed veggies and wild rice and....
I cannot express enough how yummy these were!
I loved them!
I want more!
Who cares about WW!
Just kidding!
I did eat a bunch, but I had flex points so I think I was okay.
Don't they look good?
My mom found it on this website:
It is a good site, you should check it out.

Cayenne Pepper
Canola Oil

Here is the site:
You can get the directions from here!
Good luck!
You should make them!
You wont regret it!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Always Double Check Your Receipts

Yesterday evening we went to Kroger to get a few grocery items. While there I saw this adorable bunny statue. The first time I saw it, I picked it up and saw it was 75% off $9.99 making it $2.50. I figured I didn't really need it and $2.50 was more then I wanted to pay for it. Well, I walked by it again, and I just knew I had to have it! It was meant to be since it was still there.... a mere 15 or so minutes later....

This picture does not do it justice.

Believe me, it is cute!

So I get home and have the groceries put away before I even look at the receipt. As I am looking it over I notice I was charged $9.99 for the bunny - THE FULL PRICE!

I go back to the store to get my price adjusted (a little after 9PM) and the girl tells me they are closed. So I ask if she will look at the receipt to make sure I am right about being over charged. She says I am right and that she can adjust it tomorrow morning when she works. This means I drove down to the store for nothing...I have to wait till tomorrow.

I leave kinda mad!

Some customer service!

If the store is open, customer service should be open!

Luckily, I live less then 5 minutes away.

Today I went back and the same lady was there. To my surprise, she remembered me and tells me they are just going to refund the whole amount! YAY! I was only expecting to get $7.50 (the difference) back!

Kroger made my experience good in the end!

Just remember to look at your receipts either before you leave the store or while you are in your car in the store parking lot.

I Miss Vegas!

Last September, Matt and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to Las Vegas for his business trip.
I want to go back extremely soon!
Even if you don't like to gamble, (I didn't) Vegas is such an awesome place to visit.
Here are some blurry pictures of Walgreen's and CVS on the strip.

Can you see the stores?
Wish I had known I would learn to love Walgreen's.....I would of taken a better picture!
We went into the Walgreen's and bought bottled water.
I wish I had shopped around more.
I will next time ago.
Of course, I am sure I wont want to carry around my coupons and get good deals there.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Cheap Peeps

Another wonderful experience at Walgreen's.
3 stores, 6 transactions
So much EASIER when Matt comes with since I am able to do 2 separate transactions in each store. Of course, I don't think he enjoys it as much as I do!
Here is what I purchased:

2 packages or Peeps $0.12 each
3 Edge of Men's Shaving Gel $2.99 with $3 RR back
5 Colgate Toothbrushes $3.29 with $3.50 RR back
6 Fiber Choice packs $2.49 with $2.50 RR back
1 package of Hair Ties $1.99 with $2 RR back
1 Chapstick $1.99 with $2 RR back

3 Caramels $0.35 (not pictured - ate in the car! Only bought them to get my total up to use RRs)

The shaving gel (Edge for men or Skintimate for women) and Chapstick have Register Rewards all month long. So buy some and stock up if you use either or both of these items!
My receipts!

Spent $8.03 out of pocket. (I messed up on 1 transaction which cost me....I missed counted how much it will be. Lesson learned though....take your time!)

Before I went shopping today, I had $25 worth of RR from yesterday.

I used some, and still have $30.50 worth of RR today!


Friday, April 17, 2009

It Actually Worked

I am STILL SHOCKED at how well my Walgreen's experience was while in the city!!!
I went to 2 different stores and between us both, we did 5 transactions.
Such nice employees in these 2 stores.
I wish they were friendly in my local stores.
Look at what I bought!
I hardly paid anything out of pocket!
Let me start off by saying I love fellow coupon/ deal bloggers!
Thank you to all the bloggers who have helped me find such wonderful deals!
The good deal I got today....
In the ad it says if you buy and 6 participating Degree or Dove products you will receive $6 in register rewards back.
Thanks to bloggers, I found out the trial size deodorants worked on this deal.
The first time I brought them to the register I was hesitant but thought, "What do I have to lose?"
I was hesitant because bloggers had about how it may work one minute but not the next or it could work in one area but not another.
Obviously, it worked!
I did it 4 times!
Look at my wonderful receipts!
(In order as I bought)
Spent $3.62
Used 3 $3.50 RR
Earned 6RR (deodorant), 3RR (shaving gel), 2RR (hair ties), 2RR (chapstick)
(Total Spent after everything was $1.62)
Spent $4.44
Used 2 $2 RR and 1 $3.50 RR
Earned 6RR (deodorant), 3RR (shaving gel), 2RR (hair ties)
(Total Spent after everything was $0.94)
Spent $0.62
Used 3 $2 RR

Earned $6 RR (deodorant)
(Total Spent after everything was $0.62)

Spent $0.62
Used 2 $3 RR
Earned $6 RR (deodorant)
(Total Spent after everything was $0.62)

Spent $1.63
Used 1 $6 RR
Earned 3RR (shaving gel), 2RR (hair ties), 2RR (chapstick)
(Total Spent after everything was $0.63)

Complete Total Spent after all is said and done..... $4.43!!!
(This is after RR are calculated in)
I got a ton of things for a small amount of money!
I am getting better at this game!

Wonderful Shopping Trip

Matt and I went to the city today to do some shopping since I KNEW Target, my all time favorite store, would have Easter clearance at 75% off!
I was right!

I got all sorts of lovely things!
I spent $17 on all of the Easter stuff and dog food shown above.
If you are looking to buy some after Easter sale items, I suggest checking out Target.
The only non Easter clearance items I found worth while were the dog canned food. They were $0.62 a piece and I had 2 coupons for 'buy 1 get 1 free'.
If you know me personally, you know I went to several different Targets to get all my items. However, you would be surprised to know I only purchased from 2 different Targets. Shocked? The other 2 I went too didn't really have anything good left. I still plan on checking my local Target tomorrow.
I also went into Staples while in the city. I had been wanting to go here even since I had read online how the store changed the wrapper on one style of paper they carried.
The SKU # is 554838 if you want to try looking for it.
The size is 8.5 x 11
500 sheets
If you are lucky enough to find the paper, it will cost you $6.99 per pack.
and fill out the rebate form for $5.99 back per pack bought. You can do this as many times as you want.
Good deal right?
I sure thought so!
Of course, I had no luck.
Not with this paper anyways.
The $1 paper was the best deal, but I did manage to find a good deal for myself.
I bought these last 3 packs of paper.
Regular price: $8.99
Clearance price: $2.50
Is is a shame they did not have more.
You should check out your local Staples to see if you are lucky.
Just think, this is more paper to print more coupons on!
It is the money saving circle!
(Stay tuned for my next blog on Walgreen's)

I Finally Created My Coupon Binder!

Since I was not feeling well and took today off from work ,I decided I should do something productive.
I started off by doing some cleaning, blog looking, and coupon printing.
(Yes, I know, not all of the above was productive!)
So I decided to finish my coupon binder.
Why not, right?
It should make me life easier when shopping.
At least, I hope!
I have been using an according like coupon holder. Worked out great when I did not clip many coupons, but now I print coupons from the Internet and buy multiple Sunday newspapers which made this method not so good anymore. My coupon holder was barely staying shut!
Before I decided what I wanted to do, I looked online at people's blogs to see what method of coupon organization I thought would best help me. And let me tell you, I looked at LOTS! I finally decided to do it this way since I thought it would be easy and cheap for me to do. Plus, I can always try a different method if this one does not work out well for me.
Previously, I had separated all my coupons into different categories into separate labeled ziplock bags. I did this since I knew I would not finish all the organizing in one day. I would not suggest putting them inside ziplock bags unless you know for sure you will use them again. I ended up throwing mine out. WHAT A WASTE!! But I really did not think I would use them again since I plan to get all my couponing done each Sunday and I figured it would be a waste to keep them.
Once I had all the separating done I gathered my supplies.
I used:
*1 binder (Given to me for free from my mom. THANKS!)
*A bunch of Sport card holders (Given to me for free from my brother. THANKS!)
*Post-It tabs from Walgreen's (Not sure how much $...used register Rewards on them.)
Yesterday, I wrote down on a piece of paper what my different sections would be, and what order they would be in.
This took a lot of work!
I finally decided what order to order all my coupons...but I am sure it will probably change once i start using my binder.
The hardest part of all was actually putting them into the pages. My back was hurting since I was hunched over for so long. This step took me a few hours to do. Thankfully, it is done and should be easy to do if I keep up each week.

Here's how it looks!

What do you think?
Any suggestions?
I LOVE my coupon binder! think at first Matt was embarrassed by it, but now I think he sees how much money it is saving me. I do have a big business-like purse I carry it in when I go grocery shopping to help conceal it some if I don't need to go through my coupons. I plan on re-arranging some of my order since it doesn't all flow well. I will be doing my coupon binder (food coupons) in the order the aisles are.
I'll post again about my binder when I do that. I will also include my catagories.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Makes Me Smile!

My Wyatt and my mom's Toby!
They are looking out her screen door wondering what we are doing and why they cannot be outside!
(I had some more cute pictures but you could see my reflection more than you could see them.)

Mother Nature At Her Finest

I love this tree from my mother's yard!
It looks so pretty when it blooms!
Don't you agree?

Just thought I would share!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Double Coupons Again YAY!!!

***Note...Others may get lucky, but it does not look like my area will have double coupons this time. :(

Great news!

Double coupons up to $2 (making them $4) next week starting Sunday!!!

Get your coupons all ready for this sale.

I know I am more prepared for it this time.

Good luck with your shopping experience here!

I will be sure to post what I buy.

I'm Learning The Game

I have went to Walgreen's 4 times this week between yesterday and today.
And, I have hardly spent any money!
Yesterday before my WW meeting, I stopped and bought everything pictured below. Not 100% sure how much I spent since I cannot find the receipt....but I do know I did not spend much.
$1.99 chapstick - $2 RR back
$2.00 hair ties - $2 RR back
$3.29 toothbrush - $1 off coupon - $3.50 RR back
$2.99 WW candy (2) - $2.99 BOGO coupon - No RR, used this as a filler item to use another RR
Used 3 $3.00 RR from last week's shaving creams
I think I spent around $1

Today on my lunch break I went to the Walgreen's by work.
I bought this:
$1.99 chapstick - $2 RR back
$2.00 hair ties - $2 RR back
$3.29 toothbrush - $1 off coupon - $3.50 RR back

Spent $0.97
Went to my car.
Got in.
Looked at my purchases.
Looked at the time.
Decided..."Hey, people do multiple transactions all the time, I should do one more transaction while I am here."
So I went back in and bought more:
I checked out in cosmetics this time.
I, for whatever, reason am embarrassed to check out multiple times...I know it is not a big deal and I will have to get over this!
$2.00 hair ties - $2 RR back
$3.29 toothbrush - $1 off coupon - $3.50 RR back
Used 2 $2.00 RR from 2 chapstick previous sales
(That's why I did not buy any chapstick in this purchase. You cannot buy something you received from the register rewards you are using.)
I spent $1.07

Stopped at Walgreen's one more time after the gym.
I bought:
$1.99 chapstick - $2 RR back
$3.29 toothbrush - $1 off coupon - $3.50 RR back
Used 2 $2.00 Register Rewards from the 2 previous hair ties purchases.
I spent $1.06

I feel I have done good!
I am being like the other coupon bloggers I read about!
I still have 4 $3.50 RRs and a few $2 RRs
I am sure I will buy more toothbrushes. It is a good deal. If you have the coupons, which you can print from, this item is a money maker!