Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh The Choices To Be Made

I printed directions off the Internet to make a pretty bow for my wreath. I had bought ribbon the other day but it was sheer white and I didn't think it will look good so I planned on going to Hobby Lobby and getting a different color.

Well, when I got to Hobby Lobby I looked at all the different colors of ribbons and could not make up my mind.

What color do I want?
What width?

What texture?

Too many choices!

Way too many!

I couldn't decide! I saw some pre-made bows and decided that was the way to go.
So here is the pink bow I decided on.
I hope you like it!
I paid more then I wanted to. $4.99 plus tax.
So my $5 project is now a $10 project!
Not bad I suppose.

The bow is not glued on yet...I just placed it on the wreath so I could decide where I want to put it.
What do you think?

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