Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sorry it has taken me so long to write the results of my weigh-in from Tuesday.

You should know since I didn't blog about it right away that I gianed.

I gained 1 pound!

I was sad!

I can only blame myself though. I actually worked out and walked some so I thought I would be okay, but I guess you can not undo eating bad that quickly. I did mostly good this week but ate out a few times this past weekend right before weigh in. Oh well though. I will do better next week. It is getting warmer now and I have heard when it is warm you eat less so we will see if that is true or not.

I went shopping at Kmart today and bought a few things since they are doing their double coupons up to $2.00 right now. Nothing worth talking about really. I just bought a few things I needed. They didn't have as good as deals as last time.

I had a yummy dessert!

Wanna see a picture?

These are the ingredients I used.
And here it what I made!
Root Beer Floats!

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