Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Matt’s Birthday

Yesterday I only worked a half day so Matt and I could go to the city and celebrate his birthday with a day of fun!

The plan was to play tons of video games at Dave and Buster’s, see the movie – I Love You Man, go to dinner, and do some shopping. Well, we did everything but see the movie. We plan on renting some movies tonight to make up for that. (I am too cheap to rent movies these days so it will be a nice treat for us!)
Dave and Buster’s was a blast!
I did not think I would have as much fun as I did!

I spent a total of $24 which bought us at least 3 hours of fun!
How did we do this you ask?
I am glad you asked!
In the newspaper a few weeks ago (in the coupon section) was a coupon for buy $10, get $10 of game play for free. Since I had bought 2 newspapers, this was perfect for Matt’s birthday since he has already told me he wanted to go there! I also had to pay $2.00 a piece for each rechargeable game card that they put the game play points on. (I already warned Matt if he wants to go there again he better not lose his card!) :) I think we both started with 107 points. Each game you play costs a certain amount of points. For example, they had a bowling game I LOVED which was 3 points a game, we played one round or air hockey which was 10 points.....

We just played and played and played!

While you played games, you earned coupons for prizes!
We earned so many coupons!

At first we played games like basketball and skeeball where you did not earn many coupons, but they were fun. Then we started to play games where you won many coupons. Matt played the “claw game” where you try to catch a stuffed animal to win twice and actually won twice! So we got 2 stuffed animals from that.

These are all the prizes we got from our tickets:
3 Mugs
2 Glasses
2 Travel Cups
1 Yo yo
1 Tootsie Roll Pack
4 Airhead Candies (only 2 pictured – we ate the other 2)
1 Chinese Finger Trap
Not bad for $24!
We will definitely go again when we have more coupons to Buy one Get one free!
I was exhausted afterwards!

We did some shopping and ate dinner after our game playing and all I wanted to do was to sleep. I had a headache and was tired.

We got home around 9 PM and I went straight to bed!

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