Friday, March 27, 2009

I Love Bacon And Eggs!

This is typically what I eat almost every morning before work.
Looks good right? I wake up just early enough to get what I need to get done and still have time to cook a yummy meal for breakfast. I used to use actual eggs and break them over a glass and just keep the egg whites.
I buy Oscar Mayer's Center Cut bacon - naturally smoked. (This one is 3 pieces of bacon for 2 Weight Watchers points) If you buy this type, make sure you get this exact one. The other center cut option has more calories and fat and you only get 2 pieces for 3 points

Recently, while at the store, I decided to try Egg Beaters egg whites. I gotta say, they are satisfying and quicker to prepare! I looked at the ingredients before I bought it and the only ingredient in it is egg whites. So that's good. (This is only one Weight Watcher Point per 3 egg whites)

You should look into waking up and making makes me fuller longer.

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