Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm In Like With These Jars

During the Christmas season I had seen a set of large apothecary jars at Sam's and had not bought them because I thought they were too expensive. Shortly after the Christmas season is when I became obsessed with reading blogs and seeing how people decorated their rooms (especially for holidays) and noticed EVERYONE has apothecary jars!
So I go back to Sam's to go buy me some (I went to three different ones) and they no longer had them in stock since they were a seasonal item.
I have been sad ever since!
I should not have been so cheap and bought them!
I had loved them!
I just didn't think they were practical at the time!
Well, while shopping yesterday, we went into one of my favorite stores and I found these adorable mini jars!
No not Target!
The place where I work my second job.

I was ecstatic!

Especially when I saw they were on clearance with an extra red dot!
With tax and everything, I got them for $5.40!
What a deal!
Now I just need to find a place for them and find something to place in them for each holiday/season!
Any ideas for Easter?
I was thinking pastel M&Ms in one....

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