Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter Trees

Isn't he precious?

He wanted to be in the picture.
I think he made a good model!

These are my beautiful Easter trees!

Do you recognize these trees from Valentine's?

I told you I would use them again!

See, I am getting better at crafts!

I came up with this idea on my own!

You should be proud of me!

When I was shopping at Kroger the other day I came across this pack of 24 mini Easter eggs for $0.99

I knew they would be perfect for my trees!

I used this fishing line to make a loop through my eggs so I could hang them like ornaments.

I did this by using a push pin/thumb tack to make a small hole at the top of all my eggs.

This allowed me to be able to tie a piece of fishing line through the egg (I tied a knot inside the egg) to make the loop.

These are my beautiful trees on my kitchen table.

I think they turned out perfect!
Total cost was less then $5.00 for the eggs and the fishing line.

Of course, I am sure I will use the fishing line again!

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