Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm In Like With These Jars

During the Christmas season I had seen a set of large apothecary jars at Sam's and had not bought them because I thought they were too expensive. Shortly after the Christmas season is when I became obsessed with reading blogs and seeing how people decorated their rooms (especially for holidays) and noticed EVERYONE has apothecary jars!
So I go back to Sam's to go buy me some (I went to three different ones) and they no longer had them in stock since they were a seasonal item.
I have been sad ever since!
I should not have been so cheap and bought them!
I had loved them!
I just didn't think they were practical at the time!
Well, while shopping yesterday, we went into one of my favorite stores and I found these adorable mini jars!
No not Target!
The place where I work my second job.

I was ecstatic!

Especially when I saw they were on clearance with an extra red dot!
With tax and everything, I got them for $5.40!
What a deal!
Now I just need to find a place for them and find something to place in them for each holiday/season!
Any ideas for Easter?
I was thinking pastel M&Ms in one....

And The Party Continues...

I didn't make Matt a birthday cake yesterday and I knew he wanted one.....I am making up for it by making one right now. I will take a picture of the final product and post it later tonight or tomorrow at the latest.
We had bought this cake mix and frosting the other day while at the store and I wanted to take a picture of it to show it is made with Splenda!
Splenda is an awesome product!
Matt decided instead of going to the movies tonight, he wanted to rent 2instead...these are the movies we will be watching this evening.
I heard Marley and Me is sad...I am sure I will be crying....
(No weight watchers meeting for me tonight since I ate too much yesterday and my weight will be more due to food. I plan on going Saturday morning.)

Matt’s Birthday

Yesterday I only worked a half day so Matt and I could go to the city and celebrate his birthday with a day of fun!

The plan was to play tons of video games at Dave and Buster’s, see the movie – I Love You Man, go to dinner, and do some shopping. Well, we did everything but see the movie. We plan on renting some movies tonight to make up for that. (I am too cheap to rent movies these days so it will be a nice treat for us!)
Dave and Buster’s was a blast!
I did not think I would have as much fun as I did!

I spent a total of $24 which bought us at least 3 hours of fun!
How did we do this you ask?
I am glad you asked!
In the newspaper a few weeks ago (in the coupon section) was a coupon for buy $10, get $10 of game play for free. Since I had bought 2 newspapers, this was perfect for Matt’s birthday since he has already told me he wanted to go there! I also had to pay $2.00 a piece for each rechargeable game card that they put the game play points on. (I already warned Matt if he wants to go there again he better not lose his card!) :) I think we both started with 107 points. Each game you play costs a certain amount of points. For example, they had a bowling game I LOVED which was 3 points a game, we played one round or air hockey which was 10 points.....

We just played and played and played!

While you played games, you earned coupons for prizes!
We earned so many coupons!

At first we played games like basketball and skeeball where you did not earn many coupons, but they were fun. Then we started to play games where you won many coupons. Matt played the “claw game” where you try to catch a stuffed animal to win twice and actually won twice! So we got 2 stuffed animals from that.

These are all the prizes we got from our tickets:
3 Mugs
2 Glasses
2 Travel Cups
1 Yo yo
1 Tootsie Roll Pack
4 Airhead Candies (only 2 pictured – we ate the other 2)
1 Chinese Finger Trap
Not bad for $24!
We will definitely go again when we have more coupons to Buy one Get one free!
I was exhausted afterwards!

We did some shopping and ate dinner after our game playing and all I wanted to do was to sleep. I had a headache and was tired.

We got home around 9 PM and I went straight to bed!

I'm In!

You are reading this message from a new YMCA member!


I am so very excited!

I got the acceptance letter in my mailbox when I got home last night!

I will be paying $27 a month instead of $46 a month thanks to the open door policy. Now all I have to do is pay the $25 joining fee on Thursday when I go.

My friend Patti will no longer have to sign me in as a guest so that will be good.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


Walgreen's makes me sooo mad sometimes!
I swear I do not know why I even bother shopping there.
They are lucky they have awesome deals every now and then to keep me coming back.
So after I went to the Y I decided to stop at Walgreen's to buy a newspaper and get the Glade soy candles along with a few other things.
The candles are on sale for $5.99
I had a $4.00 coupon and their is a $2.00 off coupon in this month's Easy Saver book.
You can use both, but online coupon bloggers said to make sure you use your manufacturer's coupons first then the Easy Saver coupons.
I tried this.
The cashier scanned the coupons for $4.00 and then when I handed her the $2.00 coupons she said it would not work since their would be a 1 cent overage.
So I asked if she could just type in $1.99 instead of $2.00
She said no and didn't even try.
I asked her if she could try.
The cashier refused!
She then called a manger when I told her I no longer wanted the candles if I couldn't use my coupons!
Walgreen's needs to fix this!
It is not like it is costing the store any money!
I am not trying to do coupon fraud or anything!
I just wanted my two candles with my coupons!
I'm frustrated now!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter Trees

Isn't he precious?

He wanted to be in the picture.
I think he made a good model!

These are my beautiful Easter trees!

Do you recognize these trees from Valentine's?

I told you I would use them again!

See, I am getting better at crafts!

I came up with this idea on my own!

You should be proud of me!

When I was shopping at Kroger the other day I came across this pack of 24 mini Easter eggs for $0.99

I knew they would be perfect for my trees!

I used this fishing line to make a loop through my eggs so I could hang them like ornaments.

I did this by using a push pin/thumb tack to make a small hole at the top of all my eggs.

This allowed me to be able to tie a piece of fishing line through the egg (I tied a knot inside the egg) to make the loop.

These are my beautiful trees on my kitchen table.

I think they turned out perfect!
Total cost was less then $5.00 for the eggs and the fishing line.

Of course, I am sure I will use the fishing line again!

Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

We had bad weather today ....

Look at this beautiful rainbow!

Can you see it?

Pizza Pizza!

I was at Wal-mart today getting a few items such as another free bag of chips and fishing line (check out next blog entry) when I saw Kashi pizza for $4.75
I figured, I might as well try it.
Why not?

As you can see it made my pizza $1.75...I was not happy with my Kashi TV dinner but thought I would give the pizza a chance.
Here the pizza is uncooked.
At first glance, I thought, "Wow, the crust sure is thin!"

Results: This pizza was okay...I am willing to try a different combination. The crust was very delicious. I was not impressed with the sauce. It made the pizza not very good.I guess it was not a bad value for the price after the coupon.

I Did Good Today

I did some shopping today!
I should stop spending money but figured, I might as well.
This is what I purchased from Target:
Look at the wonderful deals I got by using coupons!
The movie Bolt will be even less once I cash in my $4.00 mail in rebate form!
Not bad, right?
I also went to Kmart to take advantage of double coupon week one more time.
Here are the items I bought:
Wyatt has MORE THEN ENOUGH dog treats now! I think I bought about 8 bags between the last two trips....they were $1.29 a bag after coupons.
My total started at almost $25 and in the end I spent $8.64!
I feel I did pretty good!

Friday, March 27, 2009

My wreath is 100% done!
How do you like it?
I LOVE it!
I think it came out just right!
Today, I finished it by cutting out a second cardboard circle to help reinforce it and I glued the bow on and put more grass in between the cracks of the eggs.

It isn't perfect, but for me it is!
This is my first "real" art project I have ever made by myself!

I Love Bacon And Eggs!

This is typically what I eat almost every morning before work.
Looks good right? I wake up just early enough to get what I need to get done and still have time to cook a yummy meal for breakfast. I used to use actual eggs and break them over a glass and just keep the egg whites.
I buy Oscar Mayer's Center Cut bacon - naturally smoked. (This one is 3 pieces of bacon for 2 Weight Watchers points) If you buy this type, make sure you get this exact one. The other center cut option has more calories and fat and you only get 2 pieces for 3 points

Recently, while at the store, I decided to try Egg Beaters egg whites. I gotta say, they are satisfying and quicker to prepare! I looked at the ingredients before I bought it and the only ingredient in it is egg whites. So that's good. (This is only one Weight Watcher Point per 3 egg whites)

You should look into waking up and making makes me fuller longer.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh The Choices To Be Made

I printed directions off the Internet to make a pretty bow for my wreath. I had bought ribbon the other day but it was sheer white and I didn't think it will look good so I planned on going to Hobby Lobby and getting a different color.

Well, when I got to Hobby Lobby I looked at all the different colors of ribbons and could not make up my mind.

What color do I want?
What width?

What texture?

Too many choices!

Way too many!

I couldn't decide! I saw some pre-made bows and decided that was the way to go.
So here is the pink bow I decided on.
I hope you like it!
I paid more then I wanted to. $4.99 plus tax.
So my $5 project is now a $10 project!
Not bad I suppose.

The bow is not glued on yet...I just placed it on the wreath so I could decide where I want to put it.
What do you think?


Sorry it has taken me so long to write the results of my weigh-in from Tuesday.

You should know since I didn't blog about it right away that I gianed.

I gained 1 pound!

I was sad!

I can only blame myself though. I actually worked out and walked some so I thought I would be okay, but I guess you can not undo eating bad that quickly. I did mostly good this week but ate out a few times this past weekend right before weigh in. Oh well though. I will do better next week. It is getting warmer now and I have heard when it is warm you eat less so we will see if that is true or not.

I went shopping at Kmart today and bought a few things since they are doing their double coupons up to $2.00 right now. Nothing worth talking about really. I just bought a few things I needed. They didn't have as good as deals as last time.

I had a yummy dessert!

Wanna see a picture?

These are the ingredients I used.
And here it what I made!
Root Beer Floats!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Cute/Smart/Needy Dog Wyatt!

I just have to tell you what Wyatt did this morning before I went to work.

I get ready for work and before I leave, I give Wyatt a "cookie" like I always do by breaking it in half and give him once piece and then shove the other piece into his Kong.

I then grab everything I plan on taking to work and the trash since it needs to be taken out.

I put my shoes on, open the door, then turn around to tell Wyatt goodbye and to "be a good boy." I didn't see him but didn't think nothing of it since I had given him his "cookie" in the kitchen and I assumed he was still in there eating it.

I close the door behind me and lock it.

I unlock my car doors and open the passenger front door to place my bags on the seat and when I close the door and turn around to take the trash bag to the trash can.....


He snuck out and I never even saw him leave!

What a sneaky guy!

He got all excited when I saw him and I said hello. I picked him up and he got even more happy since I think he thought he was going on a car ride.

I felt bad when I just held and kissed him and told him he could not come to work with me. When I placed him back in the house he just looked so sad with those brown puppy dog eyes.

But, I had to go to work! Their was nothing I could do!

He either REALLY wanted to go on a car ride or he was feeling lonely and wanted to be with me.

But now that I am home, he seems as happy as ever!

Poor guy!

I have my weight watchers meeting tonight!

I will let you know how it goes! I hope I lost!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

We went to my grandparents house yesterday for my grandpa's birthday!
I am glad we went. I had a very nice time!
Hope to see you both soon!

Talking About The Y*M*C*A*!

You would be soooo proud of me today!!!

My friend Patti had invited me to the YMCA today and I went!
That was step one and "Go Me"
Normally I would say no, but I need to get in shape and lose weight.
We went and stayed for almost 2 hours!
We did:
40 minutes on the elliptical (5 miles)
30 minutes on the treadmill (2 miles) (I kept a big incline)
Leg machines
We did good!
And, I really wanted either a pineapple shake or cherry sprite and I was good and didn't get either!

Eggs, Eggs, and more Eggs!

About a week ago, I saw a wonderful blog on how to make a beautiful Easter egg wreath. The link is here:
You be the judge is you think it is as cute as I think it is.
I choose pretty pastel eggs!
What you need:
Colorful Easter eggs (I had 60 - I used 57)
Easter grass ( I picked purple)
Large piece of cardboard
Hot glue gun
You can make your wreath as large or as small as you desire. The traced circle on the right on this picture is the one I started with but decided it was too small. So I used a lamp shade for the outer circle and a bowl for the inner circle to make a parger wreath template.
Next I cut out my circle for the wreath. The inner circle was hard to remove. It actually took some effort to cut it out. This part took the longest time of all the prep work. Take your time when you cut the circle out.
In case you are wondering, I got my eggs from Hobby Lobby for $0.33 a package. The grass is also from Hobby Lobby and I think it was about $1.00. My cardboard was just a scrape piece I had.

Here is my circle once I had it cut out.

Start at one end of the circle and hot glue the eggs in any order you like. I started with green and pink. You can do it however you want, but I decided to keep all my eggs facing the same way. I did the outer circle first then the inner circle.

This is how mine looked once I got the outer edge done.

Next, I started the inner circle.

Make sure you leave some room at the top for where you will place your bow.
Place more eggs on top of the two rows that are already hot glued down.

This next part is the hardest part. You want to cover as much of the cardboard as you can by hot gluing grass in between the cracks onto the cardboard. I burned my finger twice, but I think it was worth it!

This is as far as I got for tonight. I still have to buy ribbon to make a bow and put more grass in the cracks to cover the cardboard.
I'll be sure to post the finished picture tomorrow when I am done.
What do you think so far?

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I think Wyatt takes this sign to heart.
I was originally planning to put it above his food bowl but was unable to so I just stuck it on my cork board in the kitchen.
(It was a Christmas gift from my mom - from Kirkland's)
I think it is adorable!
Wyatt is trying to tell me it is bedtime!

Awesome Freebie

My brother and I went shopping in the big city to buy him some professional button down shirts for his summer internship. While there, I used my coupon from Victoria's Secret to get this free tote bag!
I didn't even have to pay tax on it!
It claims on the tag that it retails for $19.50
So not worth that amount of money, but very nice considering it was free for me!
I plan on using it to tote things around.
Good overnight bag.
Here is my receipt!

I am happy with my "purchase"!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's A Wonderful Meeting!

Had my Weight Watchers Meeting yesterday!

I really wanted to blog yesterday but was never able to get online.

After dinner I just wanted to take a bath and read my magazine and then go to bed. I was exhausted! It has already been a long week at work!

(In fact, I am only getting to blog today since I am typing this at work on my lunch break into my email so all I will have to do is open it up and paste it into my blog.)

Anyways, I lost 2.8 pounds!!!!


I was very excited!!!

This means my new total lost is 21 pounds! I have lost 1/2 the weight I need to lose to be where I want to be. It has taken me 5 months....but at least I am doing it!

Yesterday was the first day I have really noticed a difference in my clothes too! So obviously, it helped me having a great day! I can tell I am already gaining more confidence because when I got to my meeting, I sat down where I always sit but decided to get up and sit next to the lady I talked to last week. I am glad I did. It is nice to have someone to talk to while I am there. :)

Today I have to work both jobs. :(

I am not looking forward to going to the next one. I usually get off at 9PM, but tonight for whatever reason, we have to be there till 10PM! UGGG!
So then I will have to rush home, take a shower, probably eat something, and then try to get into bed at a decent hour!

Of course that will not happen!

I am never immediately tired! Even though I will want to go to bed I will end up just laying there...and then I will turn on the TV!

Hope everyone has a less hectic day then me!