Friday, February 27, 2009

Crock Pot Fried Rice

First of all, I need to give credit to the site where I got this idea from. It is a blog called "A Year of Crock potting" and the link is found on the left hand side of my page.
I was looking on her blog at recipes and came across one for fried rice. It looked yummy and sounded simple enough. Basically she just took a bunch of leftovers and made it. well, I modified it a bit to my tastes and here it is....

I used:
2 cups of rice
some sliced baby carrots
some sliced celery
some canned corn
some canned peas
diced white onion
1 egg
2 spoon fulls of butter
4 T of Soy Sauce
2 T Worcester Sauce
My rice was already cooked and all I did was throw it all together in a crock pot like she suggested. I cooked it on high for 2 hours while I was shopping. I picked up a fully cooked chicken to go along with it.

The fried rice was DELICIOUS!!! I would definitely make it again. However, next time I would only cook it on high for about an hour or on low for 2 hours. (She had suggested 2-3 hours on high or 4-5 on low) I felt the cooking time made the rice and veggies a little soggy and the rice on the edge of the crock pot was hard.

You should make this one night for yourself! Very easy and quick to make. You could probably throw any leftover meat into your fried rice.

So Here's How It Went

My K-Mart experience
Keep in mind this is the first time I have really ever done this. I came very close to my goal!
Here's the story of how I shopped.
Matt and I went into K-Mart and I wanted him to ask if they accepted Internet coupons while I went and got a cart. Well, the line was long and I didn't feel like waiting. So I grabbed an ad....and right on the ad it said Internet coupons were not accepted.
Now I don't think I will get such a good deal and I am jealous of the blog writers who I enjoy reading who were able to use Internet coupons. So I pick out the items I want that do not need Internet coupons and go to check out. While in line I decide to ask if they accept Internet coupons normally.
I ask if they are accepting them today.
I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was. Matt and I go back and get the items I had wanted from my Internet coupons. I wish our K-Mart was a Super K because ours only has two rows of groceries...LITERALLY!
Meaning, I could have done better if their were more groceries to pick from. However, I feel I still did awesome! We go to the same cashier who told us they do accept Internet coupons to check-out. I had printed this Internet coupon off K-Mart's website.
My subtotal was $49.70 so I added a $0.67 candy bar only to find out she would not take my $5 off $50 coupon. (Coupon blogs said to use that coupon before my other coupons so I was kinda mad she would not let me use it. But, it was not worth arguing over.) So now I have a candy bar I do not need.
Go figure!
So here are the 16 items I bought.
*3 eight packs of Gatorade which were on clearance for $3.00 a piece. I did not have a coupon but felt this was a good price for drinks to take to work
*Splenda juice on the side $0.79 no coupon
*Advil PM $4.99 each. I had 2 coupons for $2.00 off (made $4.00 each). This coupon was printed from the Internet
*2 Dove shampoos for $4.49 each. I had 1 coupon for $2.00 off ($4.00) and 1 for $1.50 off ($3.00) Coupons were mailed to me awhile back for being on their mailing list
*4 Clean and Clean face washes. On clearance for $3.24 a piece. Had 4 coupons printed from the Internet for $2.00 off. (Thought They would be double which would give me an overage, but it took off $2.00 and then $1.24 off each making them free)
*Fresh Brush toilet cleaner for $4.50 which was cheaper then the refill. Had a coupon for $1.00 off ($2.00) from the paper at some point
*Popcorn powder - no coupon was $1.50
*Candy Bar - no coupon was $0.67
Here is my receipt:
And the coupons used:

Not bad for my first attempt! I redeemed $17 worth of coupons!

My Town Is Becoming Dog Friendly

About an hour ago I realized I needed to go to the bank. I always feel guilty about leaving my dog home alone after a long day at work so I decided to take him along.
(No I haven't gone to K-Mart yet. I plan on doing that after dinner)
After waiting in the bank's long drive-thru line, it was finally my turn. I make my transaction and when the capsule is sent back to me, along with my receipt and id, is a dog biscuit - or cookie as I call it.
The moment I opened that capsule I could hear his nose sniffing.
For such a little guy sometimes he can be SO LOUD!
So I give it to him and of course he eats it in about 10 seconds flat and then wonders where it went by sniffing all over my lap. and let me tell you, he is persistent! He will keep sniffing around till I make him stop. I think he smells the crumbs he left behind.
This isn't the first time has been given a cookie either.
Last weekend I had to go to Walgreen's to pick up a prescription. Since that was the only place I had to go I decided to bring him. (He LOVES car rides - especially when it is warm enough to have the window rolled down and his head sticking out)
I went through the drive-thru yet again and the lady asked me if he could have one and of course I said yes.
I just find this interesting because this is not the first time I have taken him out with me.
I think it is nice some places give treats to dogs!
I wonder if they have cat treats? Do people even take their cats on car rides?

Wish Me Luck!

I'm going to K-Mart later today.
I am going to attempt to do what so many others do....I am going to try to use as many coupons I can to get a good overall deal on what I buy. Right now they are offering double coupons up to $2 each!
An awesome deal right?
Now this will only work if I am able to use coupons printed from the Internet. On K-Mart's website they have a press release saying they are now accepting Internet coupons, but I saw on another site it based on each store as to whether or not they will accept them. I sure hope they do or I wont be able to get a good bargain. On one of the blog websites I like to read, the lady bought almost $90 worth of items and only spent about $9!!!
That is amazing!
I would like to be able to do that!
However, I am new to the coupon-bargaining game so I would like to achieve buying $50 or so of items and only paying $20.
I will let you know how it goes when I get home from shopping.
Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Sweet Wyatt

Just thought I would share this adorable picture of my sleepy/annoyed dog.
I'm sure every time he sees me take out of camera he must think, "Oh goodness, what is this crazy women doing now?" You see, every time I take a picture of anything and he is around, I feel I need to take a picture of him too!
As you can tell from this picture, I woke him up by calling his name so I could get this photo.
He DOES NOT seem to happy about it.
Poor guy you say?
Trust me, he leads the good life.
Must be nice to eat, sleep and poop all day.
Wyatt is one lazy dog!

I Did It!

So I had my meeting today and I made it to my 10% goal!!!
Thank goodness!
I was a little worried since, as usual, I had some hard days this past week.
I need to stop using that as an excuse though.
I need to exercise! As of now, I hardly exercise at all.
I have NO excuse!
I have a treadmill in my living room....and across the street from where I work is a gym!
What is wrong with me?
I am lazy; I admit it. I just need to figure a way to motivated myself.
Here is my key chain for being at 10%!!!
I am very proud of it!

I have been doing really good about calculating my food points here on my calculator. If you are in Weight Watchers and do not have this tool, I would recommend buying it. I like mine. I still carry around my old paper point counter too though....I think I trust that one more when a food I consider "bad" shows up with low points. I use my paper one to double check. :)

Here are a few pages in my food journal.
(A really do keep track of what I eat)
I find it easier to track during the work week. On the weekend I sometimes neglect to write down every little thing I eat. I give credit to the journal for helping me lose weight.

I am hoping to actually exercise this week. We will see if it actually happens. I sure hope so. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Check out this website:

I just got done watching an episode of "WHO"S THE BOSS"..... I used to LOVE that show! They have tons of TV shows and movies you can watch for free. You should check it.

Matt had told me about the website but I never checked it out till I saw the commercial on Super Bowl Sunday.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Up to $2.00

Just wanted to let you know K-Mart will be doubling coupons this week up to $2.00!!!
This is an awesome deal I will be taking advantage of it and so should you!
Happy shopping!

Gotta LOVE After Holiday Sales!!!

Especially during this last year, I always go shopping after the holidays....any holidays. When I first started I would go shopping the day after Christmas or Easter and would get 50% off holiday merchandise.
Now that I have done this for awhile, I now know to wait a week and holiday merchandise will be 75% off.

Let me tell you, you can get some awesome deals at 75% off if you just wait. Of course, you take the chance of missing out on something you really wanted. My attitude is, if I don't get it at the price I want....then it was not meant to be.
If you do not have the same attitude as me though, I would recommend buying what you want. Try to wait till the day after to get half off though.

So lets do the math.

Last Saturday was Valentine's Day. This past Saturday was a week later. So like I just told you before, I went out and Valentine's Day shopped.

Target is my absolute favorite store! Especially when you are looking for good clearance deals.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the Target here in my town and see........ 90% off!!!! I was only expecting 75% off!


It is like getting presents on Christmas morning for me!!!


Okay, now I will tell you my secret on how I get such good Target deals.

Promise you wont make fun of me?

Remember you promised.

Actually, I don't care if you do make fun of me.

I love doing it!!!

After a holiday or whenever I know their are good clearance prices going on....I always stop at our Target in town and then go to 5 more in the city. That totals 6! I would say I do this about once a month or so. I have soooooo much fun doing this! I love getting a good deal and then telling everyone about my good deals.

I think that is part of the reason I fell in love with reading blogs. I love reading about other people who love to find a good deal like me and then reading about what they bought and how much they paid!

Here are my Valentine's Deals!

Font size

The red place mats on the top left were $0.19 a piece (2), place mats on the right were $0.29 a piece (2), top right are some kind of dot project to make a heart I thought I would try for $0.59 a piece (2), white picture frame for $0.59, tissue paper (6) at $0.09 and (6) at $.0.19, heart wrapping paper - not shown - $0.39, heart picture holder on left $0.39, heart ornaments $1.01 (2), jelly beans $0.29, PEZ $0.19 (2), hearts for necklace $1.70, heart table center piece $0.99,
the dog on the kiss was $3.59 and the dog dish towels were $3.99 (I got them from Kohl's with a $5 coupon on any purchase so they were $2.58 total)

Grand total (before tax) = $15.14

Not bad for a day of fun!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Week's Results

Well, unfortunately, I did not lose 2 pounds this week to meet my 10% goal.

However, I did lose 1.8 pounds!!!

Which is only 0.2 pounds away from my goal!

I am a little disappointed with not losing the full two pounds since I really wanted to be at my goal, but I am very happy since IatetwoboxesofGirlScoutcookiesintwodays.


You didn't hear what I said?

I said, "IatetwoboxesofGirlScoutcookiesintwodays."

Okay, okay.... I said....I ate two boxes of Girl Scout cookies in two days!

I know that is bad but I have no self control!

And I know that is not a good excuse, but what else can I say?
I blame Matt since he bought them for me for Valentine's day! :)
Just joking! ;)

So anyways, I will do very good this week eating wise and will be at my goal next week.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I love Giraffes

Thanks to President's Day, I had the day off! Meaning, Matt and I decided to go shopping! Always a fun activity to be a part of. :)
Look at this beautiful Valentine's Day bracelet Matt bought me from Hallmark. I think it is gorgeous! I fully intend to wear it to work tomorrow.
Also while in Hallmark, Matt spotted and then proceeded to buy me this TY Beanine Baby giraffe. Isn't he cute with all his hearts all over his body?

I feel he will make a great addition to my collection of giraffes.
(Look below to see all my stuffed giraffes.)
This is my biggest one Matt got me from Toys R US for Christmas this past year.
He tends to get me one almost every holiday. For Valentine's this year I had seen one at Kohl's for $5 and told Matt to go buy me it. Well, when he went their were none left. We even went to another Kohl's today and had no luck. :(

This is the wonderful picture frame my mom bought me for Christmas from Kirkland's. I love it! I am just waiting till I have the perfect picture for it.

After shopping, I went home and cleaned up some. I then went and met my friend Patti for dinner where I ate a very yummy salad. Now I just finished watching John and Kate Plus 8 in bed and decided I wanted to blog.
Here is Wyatt at the edge of my bed when I first took my camera out to upload my pictures onto the computer. So cute!!! This is when a minute later he got up to stretch.

And now he is sleeping once again.
(All pictures were taken within a few minutes.)
Poor guy has such a tough life.....sleep, eat, poop, get loved on, repeat......
Have a good night!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day!!!
I started off my day by going to my mom's house where I attempted to make this frog....but it was my mom had to take over. Thankfully, it is the thought that counts. (This was one of my gifts to Matt)
Here is my Valentine's Day tree I FINALLY decorated! I think both trees turned out wonderfully! Even though the tree is kinda purple, I think it worked out! However, I think I will try to find an actual pink tree next year.

Here are the gel letters I bought. I think they look nice on the bathroom mirror.

Our spending limit for gifts was suppose to be around $25.

Below are the gifts I got Matt.

His gifts consisted of: the frog, 2 framed photos of me from when we went to Las Vegas, 2 ornaments from Target at Christmas (75% off), Jelly Belly jelly beans, 2 slot machine games, and The Fray CD.

Here are my gifts from Matt.

They consisted of: Reba season 5 and girl scout cookies (my favorite kind Mmmmmmm!).

For dinner we had already planned on picking up food from a place called Mike's Bar-B-Que. (If you live near gotta try it if you haven't already) For $12.95 you get steak and any two sides. Also, since it was Valentine's day, they gave everyone heart shaped cherry cheesecake. When we Matt pulled out his wallet to pay, imagine our surprise when the lady tells us our meal has already been paid for. When my step-dad had put in the order for me, he had paid for it. Of course I called him and told him we would pay him back but he will not allow us. That was sweet and thoughtful! Matt says we owe my parents dinner....I agree. But either way;

This is the picture of my meal right before I ate it. I was starving since I had to smell the yummy food the entire 20 minutes on my way home from picking it up.

We then spent the evening watching two movies we had previously bought but never watched.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kroger Steals...I mean, Deals!

If you went to Kroger today I hope you took advantage of their wonderful sale going on today from 8AM to 10PM! I know I did!
Mott's Apple Juice (64oz) is $1.00 (limit 8), blueberries $1.00 each, and grapes $1.00 a pound. Their were a few more good deals but these were the best! I got 8 light apple juice's, 10 blueberries, and 2 bags of grapes for about $24.00!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!
Usually I am really lazy about actually cooking something for dinner but since it is so close to Valentine's Day, I decided to make meatloaf and fries for Matt and I for dinner.
Here is a picture of my loaf before I stuck it in the oven. Around it, are all the ingredients I used in it.
You know, in case you were wondering what goes into such a yummy meatloaf. :) I guess I should give credit to my mom since she is the one who taught me how to make it. So Mom, THANKS!

Here is what it looks like when it is all cooked - kinda. I forgot to take a picture of it before we ate. So what I should really say is - here is a picture of leftover meatloaf before it goes into a Tupperware container to be eaten tomorrow at lunch.

I can assure you it was good!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bad Day Turned Good...

My advice to you for the year....DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY FREE MUSIC FROM THE INTERNET!!!
Saturday night I thought I would be "smart" and would download lime wire to my computer to get some new songs. Well, I downloaded a few and then it crashed. So I deleted the program and then re-downloaded back on....I did this two times actually....since it would not connect.

Eventually I give up and turn my computer completely.
So, I get on my computer yesterday to catch up on my email and all the blogs I like to read and when I am done, my computer was taking a long time to turn off so I just left the laptop open and went downstairs. When I come back up about 2 or 3 hours later, my computer is still "shutting down". I knew something had to be wrong since the only way to turn it off was to pull the battery. I then turn my computer back on and do a virus scan through my Norton virus protector. And wouldn't you know it finds a virus in one of the songs I tried to download but never fully went through. Oh but get this; no matter what I did Norton or myself was unable to remove it. Norton said I had to manually delete it and everything I tried from the Internet did not work!

I was devastated!

I realize it was all my fault but it was still upsetting!

Luckily, some people I work with suggested I go into my computer's safe mode and "go back in time" before the virus occured. I did just that! When it completed this, I went in and was able to deleted the affected files! YAY!

So now my computer is showing clear of all viruses!


My good news is I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and I lost 1.6 pounds! Yay me! :)
Only 2 more pounds and I will have lost ten percent of my total body weight. i am hoping to achieve this goal next Tuesday.

If you noticed last Tuesday I did not write about my meeting- it was because I had gained 1.6 pounds. :( I was discouraged but bounced back!

The best part of the meeting was when they Judy drew for the winner of the door prize. She drew my name! I won the new 2009 Dining Out Guide!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Beautiful Day at the Dog Park

I cannot express how beautiful the weather was this weekend! It felt like a wonderful Spring day! In fact, I know the weather tricked the birds because they were out singing and dunking themselves in the pond out past my backyard.
Saturday the temperature was around 65 and on Sunday it was around 73. Sunday, I decided to take advantage of the nice warm weather by spending some time outside. I went to my mom's house where I talked her (and her dog) into going on a walk with me and Wyatt. Toby, her dog, for sure needs a walk every now and again. He is extremely hyper and is pleasantly plump. :) A walk always does him good!
Isn't he cute?He always smiles for the camera! He loves ANY kind of attention ANYONE is willing to give him!
Later on in the day, I met a friend of mine from work at the dog park. I took Wyatt and she took her dog. We had hoped they would get along but Wyatt is so anti-social. (Poor guy!)
Here is Wyatt with his eyes closed...he is not as photogenic as Toby!

Eyes open, but not looking at the camera....(Go figure!)

So at the dog park, I took him to the small dog side to see if he would make any new four-legged friends. Well, he was fine standing RIGHT next to me till a little dog (even smaller then him) came to him and sniffed his butt. Wyatt was all freaked out and just wanted to be held...he wanted NOTHING to do with this little (tiny) dog!

So I hold him and go the big dog side where my friend and her dog were. Wyatt was extremely happy watching the view from the safety of my arms. We then walked around the whole park- 1 and 1/2 miles. Of course, I mostly held Wyatt...but wont next time... I just felt bad for him since he had already walked around my mom's neighborhood earlier in the day.

Took him to the small dog side when we got back to the dog area and I gotta say...he actually walked a few feet away from me. This is a good step in the right direction. :) Maybe he will find a nice friend next week when we go. Stay tuned and I will let you know. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stupid Car!

Where do I even begin....
Well, I woke up this morning at my usual time....

Got ready for work the usual way.... go potty, wash hands, brush teeth, put contacts in, pick out clothes, get dressed, pick Wyatt up off the bed(he likes to sleep in), take Wyatt downstairs, put coat on, put shoes on, let Wyatt out, come back in house, take coat and shoes off, make breakfast and lunch at the same time, put purse and lunch by door, put coat and shoes on, go warm up car, come back inside, take coat and shoes off, eat breakfast, give Wyatt "cookie", put coat and shoes back on, tell Wyatt to be a good boy, then leave for work.

But, it only went normal till the part when I am suppose to warm up the car.

Once again, my car would not start! The engine would not even turn!!!

My car is only five years old! This should not be happening! And, I just had the battery replaced about three weeks ago thinking that was the issue! It has happened about 7 or 8 times this winter and only happens when the temperature is really low. Below 15 degrees I would say. This morning was one of those was 9 degrees when I first tried to get my car to turn on.

So I call my work lead and text message a few of my co-workers to let them know I will not be at work today. (Thank god for vacation time so I still get paid for the day) I decided to take the whole day off since I am sick of dealing with this same issue and I was going to take my car to the dealer to be fixed.

I finally get my car to start around 8:30 and I call the dealership and they say they can get my car in at 11. Perfect! Just enough time to take a relaxing bath and clean the house up some.
Anyways, 3 hours and $162.39 later, they say they are 99% sure my car is fixed...they put in a new ignition starter.

All I can say better be fixed!
Hopefully the next cold morning we have I will have no issues getting my car to start! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Football with my food?

As you know, my eating good was going well...till yesterday at least. I went to Matt's house where his mom made all sorts of yummy fat-filled foods. I mostly ate only homemade chicken egg rolls….8 to be exact. I couldn't help myself! They were so yummy. I had planned to only eat a few but they were just sitting there calling my name! His mom then proceeded to pack up 4 for me to take home!


I was happy to be able to taste them again, but point wise- not good. So now I plan on having all 4 of them for dinner. I know! I know! – I should split them up so all my points are not used in one meal. I just do not have that type of self control. I want to eat them all…now!!! I was at work today thinking about them and my mouth was watering.....

After dinner update (I wrote the above before I ate)
Here is a picture of the 4 before being cooked while they were waiting for the toaster oven to preheat. I cooked them for about 10 minutes on 250 degrees to make them nice and crunchy.
Here is how the egg rolls looked inside. I took a bite out of this one.

Does it make your mouth water? It does mine. I guess you need "smell-a-vision" to get the full effect. :) Just take my word on how delicious they tasted.

Don't forget an all new episode of John and Kate Plus 8 is on tonight at 8PM!
You don't want to miss it!