Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weight Lose

I went to Weight Watchers this morning and discovered I Lost 2.4 pounds this week! YAY!!!!

I was VERY happy with the results. Usually I go to Tuesday evening meetings but due to the bad weather I was unable to go this week and had to choose a different day. Today became the day. I got this charm since I have been a member for 16 weeks which will go on my Weight Watchers key chain once I receive it when I lose 10% of my weight. I only have 2.2 pounds left to go to achieve that goal!

When I first joined back in October, I was losing a few pounds each week but I struggled through the holidays. Their were some weeks when I was gaining weight and I think two weeks when I stayed the same. I love the holidays, but food wise, I am glad they are over. I am hoping by next year I will be able to have more self control. Overall, I have really enjoyed the program and am learning how to eat more healthy foods and stop eating when I am satisfied.

Yesterday, my boyfriend, Matt, and I went shopping for new books for me. We went to goodwill (great book bargains $1.49 to $3.99 each) where I got three books. This store really is a hit or a miss when book shopping. Last time I went, I bought about 15 books! It was my lucky day.!

Next I wanted to go to Hastings since I still had about $20 dollars on my gift card. Didn't find any books I wanted, but did get a great deal on these eight movies.

(The top four I picked and the bottom four Matt picked.) These were $2.99 each and then the second one was $1! A bargain right? So we got them all for about $17!!! we figured this was a great value since we LOVE watching movies and when we rent them, they cost $3.99 for one!

We decided to watch "Untraceable" since neither one of us had seen it before. It was a good movie. Not the type of movie I prefer or would watch again, but if you like this type of movie then I would suggest you see it. The movie is about a killer who starts off by torturing/killing a cat on a live stream website and then starts showing torturing/killing of humans. The more people that log onto his website, the faster the deaths occur. You follow a FBI team as they find the website, decide what and how to take it down then....
I don't want to say anymore about it because I do not want to ruin the movie for anyone who has not seen it.
I have already seen "Vantage Point" and "Mad Money". Both of these movies are really good and worth seeing. I think "Vantage Point" was awesome!!! If you have not seen it already, you really need to. This movie keeps you in suspense and you keep thinking and guessing what already happened and what will happen.

I hope you all have a terrific weekend. I plan on having no agenda today except to relax and stay warm indoors. Oh wait, I do have to do some laundry and clean my bathrooms. :( So much for doing nothing. I should do my chores now and get them out of the way.....too bad I am a procrastinator and wont do it till midday

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Living in Water

Just thought I would show you pictures of my other "pets."

Here is Milton, the beta fish. (He's boring and dirty if you ask me. I will not want another.)

Isn't his water bowl cute? I thought a bowl in the shape of a fish, for a fish, was the coolest accessory for my new place. I had seen it awhile ago at Super Target but didn't buy it since I felt $24.99 was too much money to spend on something I didn't really need. But then I went back like a month later and got lucky! Their was one left! I got it for $14.99! I was so excited! I felt it was meant for me to buy since they had only one left.

I guess I could have taken a better picture of the bowl. I had just changed the water when I took this picture which is why you see water spots on the top. His water was gross!

These are the two frogs. They currently do not have names. (I hadn't realized this…..I'll be thinking.)They are VERY interesting and fun to watch. They are very lively.

They came from the mall. I believe they cost $24.99 and included everything you see in the pictures. I would definitely recommend you buy them. They only need to be fed twice a week and their environment is self cleaning. You just have to add water sometimes.
Of course, you have already seen pictures of my adorable toy poodle Wyatt. Just look below if you haven't. He is the "baby" in my life so I am sure I will be posting more pictures of him!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let it Snow!

Last night the news kept saying it would snow overnight and into the morning. I work up this morning around 6:30AM, and like a little child hoping school would be cancelled, ran to the window to see if it had snowed.

Well, it hadn't!
It was just cold and raining! Raining hard! So I thought, "Oh man, work wont be cancelled after all....I might as well start getting ready." The night before, they delayed work to 8:30 AM which did allow me to sleep in some....however, obviously, I did not take advantage of that. So I make my breakfast and sit in my chair and start to eat and what do I see?

I bet you know what I saw!
(Keep Scrolling)
It was SNOW!!! And snowing very hard! "Whoo Hoo" I thought.

So now I am torn because if you don't work, you don't get paid. But overall I don't care since it has been a very stressful week. So I called our lead and she said not to show up at work till noon if I plan to come in. Well goodness, don't have to tell me twice. ;)

Here is the view of my backyard. Notice the differences between this snow picture and yesterday's ice picture.

I hope you enjoyed my snow pictures!

Look at my cute little boy! He did not enjoy the snow. Those eyes were saying "PLEASE take me back's too cold!!!"

Just to let you know I had a very enjoyable morning. Went to work 12 - 4 PM but couldn't do anything since the system had a power outage and nothing could be inputted into the computed. Again... "Whoo Hoo!"

A great snow day for me! (Too bad I have to go to Belk)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Wonderland!?!?!?

Don't even get me started talking about ice!!!

So I woke up this morning to ice! Not exactly the sight I wanted to see when I woke up at 5AM and let my dog out. Who, by the way, refuses to go in the grass cause not only was it cold and wet, but it was also ICY!! So there I was telling him to go in the grass and he just would not. He completely refused. Finally, he lifted his leg and "went pee." However, I am almost positive he was faking. What? You think dogs aren't smart enough to fake? I'm telling you…he faked it! This was probably more work for him but he is so stubborn he refused to let me win. I think he just lifted his leg to prove a point to me that he didn't have to do what I said! He is just like a little kid. Luckily (for his own sake) he did not go potty in my house. Or else, he would have been in big trouble!!
But then again, who could stay mad at this cute face?

This is the view from my backyard. Pretty huh?

Another backyard view. See the Christmas tree someone dumped? That's awful considering our local state park said you could dump it there and they would recycle it. At the very least, who ever dumped it could have pushed it into the trees!

This is the road leading to my home. LOTS of trees were on the road like this.

This is how thick the ice was on the tree laying on the road from the above picture.

Here is how the power lines looked this morning. Thankfully, my power only went out for about an hour around three this morning.

And just rained all day here and tonight's high is 22!!!! 22 degrees!!!! It is going to freeze even worse tonight. Then, to make matters worse, it is suppose to snow!

If anyone has to be out in this weather, please buckle up and be safe!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Valentine's Decorations My Oh My!

I thought since tonight is a cold and icy night I would actually put up my Valentine's decorations....but no! I just relaxed all night after work watching tv and playing online (basically wasting time).

Monday night is my TV NIGHT! John and Kate Plus 8 came on TLC at 8 PM central time. It is my all time favorite reality show. If you have never seen the show I'll tell you a little about it. However, you should really watch it for yourself. It is about a family who has twins and sextuplets and how they live their life from day to day. It is a very cute and heart warming show and it shows you that no matter how bad people around you annoy you; someone always has it far worse. I mean, can you even imagine 8 kids all under the age of 10? Good golly- I don't ever want to experience that! In tonight's episode they moved to a new house which is so good since the ten of them were completely growing to large for their current home.

Back to the topic at hand.....Valentine's Day decorations.

Look at these pictures and see all the awesome decorations I bought on a budget. Remember I said I was excited about my Big Lots find on Saturday? Well, what I got was the two "Valentine's trees" you see. I had seen the idea on someone blog when I first became interested in blogs. Hers was a pink tree with white garland and a big red heart. She had bought her tree at Big Lots for $2 and had then decorated it. (See where I got the idea to shop at Big Lots?) Well, since I had just gotten the idea I assumed all the good after Christmas items would be gone and I would have to take what I could get. Which is what happened to me but I feel I lucked out. My trees are purplish and smaller then I would have liked, but that's okay since they will work for me. Plus, ADDED BONUS.... I can use the trees as "Easter trees" in April!!!!!! I can decorate them with mini eggs or something to do with the holiday. We will see! I also got the cute little pink heart ornaments at Big Lots for $2. I bought red beads for 50 cents a piece and red and white garland for $1.50 each at Wal-Mart recently. These gems form Wal-Mart were 75% off since they were for Christmas. The gel letters are from Target (MY FAVORITE STORE) for $1. The pink frames are also from Taget...not sure how much I paid for them since I bought them on clearance last year. So for about $12 I will have my house all decorated for the holiday.

This is the new Belk and Company Fine Jewelery ad. See how they took the picture of the candy hearts? I am trying my hardest to take a picture similar to that but it is just not coming out correctly for me. Any ideas? I think a picture of the candy hearts would be a good Valentine's decoration.

Here are some of my better attempts at doing the same thing the ad shows. I didn't have anything white to take the pictures on but I plan to look for a poster board from the store in the next few days. What do you think? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful night!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy 21!

So my little brother turned 21 on Friday! A rite of passage if you ask me...but he decided to come home from college for the weekend. (Looking back, I did not celebrate my 21 in a big way either....oh well...)
So back to what I was saying....he turned 21 on Friday but was home on Saturday so we could celebrate. My brother being the indecisive person he is could NOT make up his mind about where he wanted his birthday lunch to be. So finally (after about an hour of sitting around and naming off restaurants for him) he decided on Ruby Tuesdays.

Let me say, if it had been my choice, we would not have ate at this particular restaurant because every time I have been there, I always have poor service and blah tasting food. But i got to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Our waitress was actually pretty good and my ribs tasted wonderful! So all in all, GOOD CHOICE!!

After Ruby Tuesday's we decided to go shopping since my mom was planning on purchasing a new cell phone for him. I wanted to stop at Big Lots; and when we did, my day became wonderful! They had exactly what I wanted for the price I wanted it! I don't want to spoil the surprise so all I am saying right now is that I will be decorating my home for Valentine's Day for the first time and I have so some excellent ideas. Thanks to Big Lots, I now have the key item I needed. I will post pictures and explain later this week. :)

After shopping we ate this wonderful ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I can assure you it was YUMMY!!!

As the cake says..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BROTHER!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm New!!!

Hello friends and family!!!
So I have been reading blogs for a long time now and have decided now is a great time for me to start one. I'm hoping I have enough interesting things to write about, but we will see. I figure this is a great way to update eveyone on my life.
Above is a nice picture of my dog, Wyatt, greeting you! I'll write more when I get a chance. :)