Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is My Yard Naked?

I don’t even know where to begin with this past weekend. I really don’t. It wasn't an awful weekend... it just didn’t go as planned. And when things don’t go as planned, I tend to get overwhelmed sometimes. Yes, overwhelmed is a good word.
Let's start on Friday shall we...
This was the day I left work early for an appointment with my gynecologist. I had 3 goals I wanted to accomplish.
1. Yearly pap
2. Get prescribed Provera
3. Get prescribed Chlomid
Very simple goals. I went into the doctor's office with so much hope and (I thought) knowledge.
However, only goal #1 was accomplished AND I had to give three vials of blood. Three! I no longer mind having blood drawn, but let me assure you, it isn’t something I prefer to do. I would much rather skip this part.
I have to go back in two weeks for an ultrasound and if all looks good, I can then be prescribed goal #2 and #3.
I hate waiting. And August 7th seems further away then it is. Not to mention I now have to use more of my precious sick time.
That's all I can really say.
When I complained on my PCOS Facebook group, I was told this was normal. Which just goes to tell you I wasn’t as knowledgeable as I thought I was. It was explained to me that had she of given me the Provera, and I got my period as planned, I would have had to wait for another cycle before starting the Chlomid. So in hindsight, I am glad only goal #1 was accomplished. I hope the other two goals are accomplished when I go back. I'll keep you posted.
After my doctor appointment, I went home to my lovely husband cooking dinner. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate him cooking dinner for us? He had made a dish we had sampled at Trader Joe's last weekend - tortellini noodles with pesto topped with sun roasted tomatoes and Alfredo sauce. Yummmmy!
He even added chicken, mushrooms and spinach. I am very lucky to have him and his culinary skills. To be fair (to me), I really would cook more if I was home before him. It just doesn’t work out that way for us. Not that I'm complaining. :)
Saturday, we planned on going to Tennessee to visit with his family. Wouldn't you know I wasn’t feeling well. I mostly slept the entire day. Matt said I was turning into Wyatt in regards to his sleep schedule. Geez!
That evening while I was taking a bath, the wind and rain were beating on the house. It was very loud. I was a bit concerned maybe it was a tornado, but no, I would have gotten an alert on my phone. For a minute I was also concerned about my safety being in water with flashes of lightening outside. I don’t think I can get hurt by being in water inside a house though. Can I? I'm really not sure. Outside, yes - but inside? Either way, I stayed in the bath a bit longer since I had just started a really good book - almost finished with it - having a hard time putting it down.
What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
While I was getting dressed, I noticed several car lights 'stopping' in my window and it prompted me to look outside to see what was going on. You ready for this... our last remaining mature tree got hit by lightening. Our one tree that happened to block out the car light from our bedroom window and gave us a bit of privacy. Isn't it bad enough we lost two other large trees earlier in the season??? Guess not.
I was sad. Honestly. I hated to have that tree struck by lightning or knocked down by wind.

Matt and I went outside to inspect. We learned why cars were appearing to stop. They were actually slowing down because what used to be the top of the tree was now in the road. It didn’t completely cover the road or anything, it just covered about half the lane.
So here it was 11:30 at night and still raining and we had a down tree partially in the road. Great. Just great.
Nothing we could do about it late at night - back to bed for me.
I woke sometime around 2 AM in fear that the paint cans I have opened on the driveway underneath the truck got knocked down by the wind and were destroying the driveway and tires of the truck. I was in such a panic that I put my glasses on, rushed out of bed and into the driveway without shoes to check it all out. Thankfully, no spilled paint. I think I would have cried if there had been.  
Which while I'm on the subject... I need to complain about Kentucky for a minute... there is nowhere to take half full cans of paint in my county. No wonder the previous owner of my house left me several. I called my trash company and they said it had to harden and be left by my trashcan, not in the trashcan, before they would take them. He specifically said not in the trashcan twice. I then called the county recycle center and they told me the same thing about my trash company. You can't just take them somewhere like you can back in Tennessee.
Very irritating. And they wonder why so many people dump stuff. Duh! These cans have been outside over a week and still have not hardened. They better hurry!
Sunday morning, first thing, instead of going to church (thank goodness I was feeling better), I posted a message on a local Facebook selling group and asked for suggestions on tree removal people/companies. I got several.
Long story short -
Had 3 estimates and none include grinding of the stump.
1. $250
2. $350
3. $300, but Matt told him we got an offer for $250 and he matched the price.
We chose guy #3.
He wrote us up a 'receipt' with the price and all that was included and said he would be here tomorrow morning at 8. Okay, sounds good. Matt has this week off which makes him available - not that we told him this.
But guess what?
He messaged me yesterday a little after 8 and asks if 1 PM was okay.
Seriously? Wow! Not professional at all. If you need to reschedule, don’t you think you should contact the person before the arranged time? I'm just saying!
I messaged him back saying my husband took off work today for this and if he can't make it at one o'clock he needs to let me know so we could contact someone else. He assure me he would be here and he did apologize and said he forgot he had traffic court.
Really? Traffic court? Whether that is true or not, you shouldn't tell 'clients'. Goodness!
In the end, he did come at 1. I was going to be extremely upset if he blew us off.
When I pulled up to my house after work, I thought my yard looked naked. Or maybe it's my house that looked naked. Not sure which one yet. I'll keep thinking about it. I miss my tree. I miss the privacy it gave us. I already told Matt we must buy new trees this weekend. Hope Lowe's has them on sale.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Paint With a Shirt Stencil

I'm sure by now you know how much I LOVE cruising! If you don’t, you obviously don’t read my blog enough and/or you don’t know me in real life. But let me assure you, I LOVE EVERYTHING about cruising!
To the point where I might be a tad bit obsessed. A tad.
Yep, I'm one of those people.
One of them who looks on Carnival.com daily to check out possible future cruise deals and to read the forums and reviews daily. One of those people who likes to look at Cruisecritic.com daily, joined a Facebook group which I also look on daily and I have two co-workers who have cruises scheduled in October who I help countdown the days and discuss all things Carnival Cruise. Just typing about cruises right now is making me crave logging onto Carnival's website.
I have a problem.
I do realize this.
So why I am talking about my LOVE of cruising for a blog post titled Paint With a Shirt Stencil?
It's because I have big plans to make myself a cruise shirt in the future.
I would have made one prior to blogging about this, but I just can't set myself up for that kind of disappointment. I'm not independently wealthy and Matt and I both have jobs which translates to no cruise for me right now. (Unless I can somehow swing it for my 30th birthday - not looking good as of now though. Why do you think I want to move to Florida???)
This past week I went to another art class where I learned how to make and use a stencil to paint on fabric.
Who knew this would be so easy? Not me... I was a bit hesitant because I could not fathom how this could possibly work. I am glad I was wrong.
Cotton Fabric (is best)
Freezer Paper
Exacto Knife
Textile Medium
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Printed Picture
Basically what you do is find a picture online.
Print it as dark as you can make it.
Trace your picture onto freezer paper with the shiny side down.
Using your Exacto knife, remove the actual picture. Leaving you with a stencil.
Place your stencil onto your fabric with the shiny side down and (we placed a piece of paper on top) iron for about 30 seconds on level 3 or 4. Make sure you check your freezer paper to ensure it is stuck to your fabric. If it isn't, repeat for another 30 seconds.
Using your paint and textile medium, use 1 part paint to 2 parts textile medium and sponge a small amount onto your fabric. Our instructor kept stressing to not use a lot of paint. She suggested blotting your brush on your paper before using it on the fabric.
I layered a few different colors on top of each other opposed to using just one color. You can use any method you like best.
Once you are finished painting, carefully remove the freezer paper. This was very easy to do. You are suppose to then allow to it to dry 24 hours. To speed up the process, we blow dried ours. The last step is to set it by ironing it for another minute.
And I actually like how mine turned out. I do think it would be even cuter if I added some words though.
You are suppose to be able to wash your design in cold water without it ruining.
Since I was only practicing on this one, I am going to wash it and see how it holds up. I'll update this post after washing it.
Now do you see why I mentioned my LOVE of cruising?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yummy Louisville Eats aka Parents in Louisville Part 2

Louisville has some 'one of a kind' restaurants if you are able and willing to try some new places. Usually, Matt and I tend to go to the same few restaurants since I am a 'person of habit' and I like what I like. However, over the past couple of months, we have been trying out a few new to us places while still eating at our favorites. And with my parents visiting for the weekend, we decided to take them to a few places they have never been. I was determined to make this a successful weekend of eating.
Breakfast on Saturday was from Nord's Bakery.
Matt and I have been to this yummy place twice and I knew they would enjoy these doughnuts as much as we do. Because really, who doesn't like a good doughnut? You would have to be one big weirdo to not love them!
We parked before the building in case we couldn't find parking after passing it. This was the first time I have parked on this side. Good thing we decided to park here... I never noticed the cute wall artwork.
The baker at his counter is adorable. I like all the colorful doughnuts and cakes.
And life IS sweet!
Nord's Bakery's claim to fame is the maple bacon doughnut. At least this is how I first heard about them.
My parents were both very impressed with these doughnuts! We bought two dozen with the intention of freezing about half of them. Ya, that didn't happen. I ate 5 on Saturday. 5! Sometimes I'm such a fat ass!
Lunch that afternoon was somewhere Matt had been dreaming about since he saw it on Fox News Network - it was rated number 8 best burger in the United States. When I Googled the restaurant about a month ago, I learned it is also rated as the number 1 burger in all of Louisville.
The place is called Mussel and Burger Bar. It is a bit hard to find if you are looking for it. Thankfully, Matt found out from people at his work that it is a bit hidden in an abandoned strip mall. As you can see, unless you knew where this place is located, it would be very hard to find in the dark.
Right away we walked up to the hostess stand and were told it would be a few minute wait. No problem... they have some chairs to sit in and a beautiful wine bottle chandelier. (Had we have gotten here any later, we would have had to wait longer.)
A short while later, we were seated in the bar area.
I enjoyed checking out the chalkboard wall.
You should check out the menu online. I'm going to tell you which burgers we had, but I am not going to go into detail with any of them except mine.
Greg - C.E.O. Burger
Matt - La Frita Cubana Burger
My mom - Local Burger
Me - Good Ole Burger
(Top left to right)
Mine was so damn good!
THE BEST burger I have ever had!
No contest!
The beef was a little greasy, but in my opinion, that's how you can tell a really good burger. I could have had no condiments or toppings on this burger and I would have enjoyed it. In fact, I only had lettuce and tomato after removing the onion. My burger came on a pretzel bun. At first, I didn’t want this particular bun and was going to ask for a plain one. I'm a plain Jane kind of girl if you didn’t already know. Boy am I glad I decided to keep the pretzel bun. It was delicious! I can’t even describe it to you. I can tell you it locked in all the good juices of my burger.
Did you notice we all had different fries? We didn't notice when we ordered. We later found out we could have switched them all out if we wanted to. I, for one, am glad we didn't. We all got to try each other's. But I feel inclined to tell you.... I thought mine were the best.
Sunday, after church, we wanted to check out another place we have never tried. Nor had we heard anything about this place. We just happened to pass it while shopping a few weeks ago and the words 'fire cooked' appealed to both Matt and myself.
Blaze Pizza is the restaurant. I was expecting a sit down restaurant with a waitress with whom we would order two pizzas. I was pleasantly surprised to see you got to build your own 11' personal pizza.
Yep, you read that correctly.
Imagine Subway..... imagine the toppings as you walk in front of all the different choices. It was exactly like that. We had a choice of different sauces, cheeses, meats and veggies.
It. Was. Awesome.
Absolutely awesome!
Once you select everything for your pizza, they literally place it by the fire!
After paying, getting our drinks and finding a table, ours names were called to get our pizzas.
Mine is on the bottom right corner.
My mouth is watering just thinking of this pizza.
The crust was delicious... thin and kind of smoky tasting...
I want a pizza from there right now! This is a cruel and unusual punishment to have to write about this pizza when I can't have any right now!
I need to move on to our last restaurant. I gotta stop thinking about that pizza.
After lunch, we decided to take my parents to The Comfy Cow. Did you know July 20th was National Ice Cream Day?
Thanks to Facebook, I knew. And guess what else? Since I am 'friends' with The Comfy Cow, I saw them post how in honor of National Ice Cream Day they were offering buy one get one free ice cream sandwiches.
Homemade ice cream in between homemade cookies?
Count us in!
Matt and I have been here a few times and I remembered how much we enjoyed eating here.
So many flavors to choose from up on the board.
What a beautiful ice cream scoop chandelier!
Flavors we ate:
Me - Cake 'Batter Up' on chocolate chocolate chip cookies
Matt - Cherry Amaretto on chocolate chocolate chip cookies
Mom - Vermont Maple Walnut on ginger snap cookies
Greg - ??? on ginger snap cookies
Only mine and Matt's are pictured
I was positive this eatery would put me at 4 for 4 with food places for the weekend.
I was 100% correct!