Tuesday, October 21, 2014

After A Month

I have now been at my new job for a little over a month.
Hard to believe it has already been that long.
It's not horrible, but it isn’t great. I kinda miss my old job. I mostly miss my cube with its walls and my friends (co-workers). And if it wasn't for the additional money, I would have liked to stay there. There was just no advancement available in that office. I had been there almost 4 years and I fear if I had stayed, I would still be there 4 years from now. No one ever seems to leave! Nope, I'm at the very beginning of my career and I don’t want to end there. I have big plans for my future. Unless of course owning my own business pans out.
On the plus side, next year two people claim they plan on retiring so maybe I can move back there. They are at the same pay grade as I am now. No promotion going there, but at least it would be familiar and more stuff to add to my resume since they do other tasks then what I did while in that office.
I got off course; oops! Let me get back on....
The good of my new job is the extra pay, duh! I also enjoy learning new things - makes me more marketable for future jobs. At least it will if I decide to stay in this career field. I'm still undecided on that as well. (But that's a whole other story!) I like what I do and I like helping the customers we serve.
I enjoy some of my new co-workers... I just wish I sat closer to them and they were more vocal.
Ease of using time off, taking breaks when you want and it being okay if you are a few minutes late in the morning are the same here as my last job. I would hate not having flexibility in those three aspects of my job. They are very important.
The bad of my new job is I work in a cubicle world with no cubes. Its 8 work stations in one big area (4 on each side with a walkway between them). Unless you are in the back of the area, everyone can see your computer monitors. I'm the second to the front. I did only have one person behind me on the other side. It wasn't bad at all. As of Friday, I have someone directly behind me. And not just anyone, he is someone of some authority. Not one of my bosses, but someone who is extremely close to them both since he used to sit by both of them. Meaning, I don’t know if he will 'tell on me' if I am doing something off task. Not that I do anything bad, but I enjoy emailing people back and forth and I enjoy surfing the web several times a day for short amounts of time - news stories, the library, Carnival Cruise lines, cruise forums... you know, the usual. It's not like I'm reading blogs at work! Although, how awesome would that be if I could?  
I also don’t like how quiet it is here. You can seriously hear everything said in this office. Currently, there are 3 people in charge (soon to be 4) and 8 worker bees. Yep, lots of Chiefs and not a whole lot of Indians. Maybe this is why everything/everyone seems serious here.
I used to have a very colorful workstation/cube with my wrapping paper wallpaper on my walls and I had a few toys on my desk. I took most of the stuff home and the wrapping paper has nowhere but a small strip to go. I didn’t bother putting it on the strip though. For now, it's just rolled up and put away. Maybe one day I'll bring it back out.
Again, it isn't horrible, I just miss my old work environment. And THANKFULLY it isn't like my job I had over 4 years ago when I first moved here. That place was truly a HELL HOLE! And from what I hear, it still is one.
No matter how you look at it, I am very thankful to have a job with great benefits! I'm glad I haven't changed employers. YET! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just Call Me Betty Crocker

 I actually looked up some recipes and cooked a few things this weekend. I admit, usually, I am pretty lazy in the kitchen and when I do cook, I tend to make the same few easy dishes I can make within 30 minutes. I figured I needed to step up my game in order to meet my 'Make 30 new recipes' from my '30 Before 30' list. Plus, I figure it never hurts to try and impress your husband with your culinary skills.
Friday evening I made Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast. It was good! I did add in some potatoes near the end which she says she does not do, but I felt they were better than the mashed potatoes she suggested. Even Wyatt enjoyed this dish - at least the juices and meat. He refuses to eat carrots and barely ate any potatoes.
Sunday evening I made Baked Chicken Taquitos which was YUMMY! Not even putting the fixings into the eggrolls was good all by itself. Matt mentioned how this would be tasty on a salad and I agree. We will definitely be enjoying this dish again in the near future.

Monday, I made CopyCat Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets. Although these didn’t remind me of the actual restaurant's nuggets, they were alright. They were a bit plain - I won't be making them again - I like the seasoning I make on my own better.
For dessert, I made Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting. DELICIOUS! However, next time I make it, I need to add more red food coloring. I should have known it wouldn’t be red since when I was looking at the mixture while pouring it into my baking dishes, it looked very pinkish. Not sure why I thought it would get darker. The cocoa powder made it appear more brown. And the frosting... I am not a good cake froster. This is why you see so many cake crumbs. I will work on this. Maybe I press too hard? I don't know. Either way, I LOVED it! This recipe came from my friend Linda. Did you think I could lie to her and tell her the crumb look was what I was trying to achieve?
And FYI on the cake... it's in the shape of a long even tough I made 2 square cakes because one was still gooey in the middle. I had to cut that part out.
P.S. Thank you for ignoring my picture skills - I was more concerned with eating then snapping pictures.
Because Matt said I was corrupting his weight loss journey with fried chicken and cake, I ate 2 pieces (he had 1) and froze the rest in 2 person servings. I'm thinking this will be a nice treat next weekend one night. It's gonna take all my will power not to take some out of the freezer later tonight. I made sure I told Matt how many containers I froze - keeps me accountable from sneaking a container out.
Cooking wasn’t all I did over our rainy weekend.
We watched 2 movies - Blended (FUNNY!) and Million Dollar Arm (Heartwarming). I also watched a movie on Netflix - Revenge of the Bridesmaids which was girly cute. When I went to watch another movie, Netflix had somehow signed me out and I didn’t know the password to get back in. (Come to find out, I was typing the wrong email address - I had the correct password... oops!) I suppose it was a good thing since it forced me to get some other stuff done on my Monday off from work. Too bad Matt wasn't off; could have had more fun.
While home alone, I decided to take Wyatt on a short walk around the block. Ya, he didn’t even make it 1/3 way around the block before I had to carry him. He then walked the last few houses to our house. In his defense, he is a 17 year old dog with a heart murmur.
He was conked out for the rest of the afternoon. He didn’t even follow me room to room like he usually does. Poor guy.
And remember my ghetto neighbor and there ghetto fence? Well, guess what I saw on the other side of their house as I walked by? They used some rusty poles and rusty chain link fence which doesn’t reach the top of those poles and have fenced in that side of the house. OMG! Thank GOD I complained and didn’t allow them to hook there fence to mine! It looks awful! They could have at least tried to do it nicely. Regardless, I don’t see the point of either fencing since they don’t have the back of the yard fenced in. Very pointless in my opinion!
Backtracking - Saturday, as usual, consisted of Church, dinner out and shopping. Nothing worth mentioning really.
Sunday, we cleaned out our garage. We had planned on working on the house, but neither one of us could really get motivated to even begin. The garage was an easy space to tackle since it just needed to be straightened up. All that is left to do in there is for Matt to use up all the gas in the lawn mower and weed eater before Winter comes. Sadly, we still need to finish the few items in our house before it gets too cold. Our goal is to have the house ready to sell in the event of one of us gets a job in TN. I look everyday for jobs for me to apply. Matt on the other hand, I'm not sure why he seems to be dragging his feet lately. He was very gun ho at one point. He had one interview, got the job, but due to very low pay, declined the offer and he seems to thinks he is done. Or maybe he is feeling discouraged. I'm not sure. Either way, he needs to get back out there.
Here's to a four day work week! (One day already down!)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My DIY Witch Wreath

Months ago, I kept seeing cute witch wreaths on Pinterest and I wanted one.
Badly! Like right now. Didn't matter it wasn't anywhere near Halloween. I just had to have one. Too bad you can't find Halloween merchandise in the middle of summer like you can find Christmas merchandise. Because of this, I decided to wait and make one in time for the month of October. You know, since October is really the only month acceptable to have a witch wreath on your door. Imagine what the neighbors would say if I had out during the summer?
I started it while at my mom's house with her help and then finished it once I was home. It took a lot more time and effort then I thought it would though. Story of my life. I hate that I'll have to take it apart to store and then put back together again next year. I am trying to look at it positively and think about how much better I can make it look next year.
Want to make one of your own???
Metal Wreath Form
Pipe Cleaners
Mesh Ribbon
Ribbon (Regular)
Witch Hat
Witch Legs
I started with my metal wreath form and used my own pipe cleaners to attach two rows of mesh around it. Might have been easier if I had bought the metal wreath form with the pipe cleaners already attached with the little decorative balls on the ends. But in case you didn't already know, I am WAY too frugal for that thank you very much! Because I had the pipe cleaners not attached to the form, it was easier to make this a two person job. Good thing I had my mom with me for this part.
Next, fluff out the mesh.
Attach the witch's hat and legs.
The legs were easy. The hat was more challenging. I bent the hat into the correct shape, but my mom is the one who came up with the idea to use thread, a needle and buttons to attach it to the wreath with the mesh on it. I added the hat then legs in order to purposely make sure the hat was a little tilted.
Gave my witch a little bit of a whimsical look - don't you think?
At this point, we had originally put the ribbon on the mesh first and then tried to add in the mesh ribbon. Didn't work out very well. Too bad it was time for me to go home. Meaning, no more help from my mom - I was now on my own.
I decided to remove all the ribbon so I could add the mesh ribbon first since I had 50 feet to work with opposed to 5. I wanted the actual ribbon with the cute pictures of candy corn on the top.
I think my finished product turned out lovely.
I have even named 'her' Wanda. As in - whimsical Wanda.