Monday, July 20, 2015

I'm Tired BUT I Ate Some Good Sweets Over the Weekend

Wow am I tired this morning!
It took me a long while to fall asleep last night even though I was definitely sleepy... Plus, add in the fact that around 2AM I was woken by Wyatt crying... he fell off the bed and was stuck in between the bed and his kennel. Let me explain that better... Every night we place Wyatt at the top of our bed to sleep and every night he tries to go to the bottom of the bed. Several times before we even fall asleep it seems we keep moving him back to the top of the bed. A.) Because we don't want to kick him in our sleep and B.) we don't want him to fall off the bed. At the foot of our bed, a few inches from the bed since Matt used to kick it in his sleep and it would wake me is Wyatt's kennel which is big enough for a 120 pound dog. (He gets locked up during the work day with a blanket, bowl of water and some food due to his teeny tiny bladder he can no longer hold over long periods of time in his old age.)
Evidently, sometime last night, he moved to the foot of the bed and either walked off or fell off the bed which then made him cry out for help which woke me then Matt up. I wedged him slowly out of the spot (didn't want him to fall completely onto the floor)and took him outside to pee. And you guessed correctly - I had a very hard time falling back to sleep after that. Add in my annoyance with Matt's ease of going back to sleep and you can gather my mood at that point. 5AM alarm going off was not a welcome sound. And tonight, I can't even go to bed early... we have our very first birth class at our hospital which doesn't end until 9PM. Meaning we won't get home until 9:30PM. Followed by preparing for the following day and giving Wyatt a little attention since we will have been barely home all day.  It's going to be a long day. I am looking forward to this class though.
As for our weekend... Friday we didn't do much of anything. We watched a movie - Get Hard - which I had rented from the library. I clipped coupons and made a list of all our movies while watching it, but there were several funny moments. Worth checking out if you are looking for a good laugh.
Saturday, my goal was to stay home in pj's all day. Ya, that didn't happen. I think I had my very first craving. I wanted some M&M's badly. After making Matt check my candy hiding spot again (even though he knew there were none), I tried to convince him to go get me some. He said he would but not until that afternoon. Well, heck, I couldn't wait that long. I wanted some now. And I wanted some ice cream too so I could make my own McFlurry/Blizzard. Right now.
So I complained that I would have to go out in the hot weather to get some for myself and I either seemed pitiful or Matt took pity on me because he told me if I would go to the tractor store with him, we could go to Wal-Mart and get my M&M's and vanilla ice cream AND he would buy me lunch. SOLD! Got me a big bag of M&M minis, Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream and a foot long meatball sub. YUMMY!!! And don't judge, but not only did I have a bowl of ice cream with M&M's after lunch, but I had another after dinner. (And another after lunch on Sunday.) Later that evening we washed our cars. We need a new water sprayer. The water wasn't being stopped when not in use meaning I had to keep kinking the hose while Matt washed. Very annoying. We will be getting a new sprayer this weekend - it’s a necessity.
Sunday was running around day - Sugar and Spice doughnuts (OMG delicious!), church, Popeye's for lunch and Kroger.
Look at these doughnuts:

This picture doesn’t do them justice. You aren’t getting the full effect. AND these were placed in a bag because I thought we were taking them to go so they were a bit stuck together.
Matt kept raving about them every time someone brought them into his work and honestly, he had good reason to rave about them. I had Oreo Cheesecake and Banana Split doughnuts. Both tasted just like you would imagine. The Oreo Cheesecake one was my favorite though. For 3 doughnuts and a small coffee - $3.26. Cheap! A lot cheaper then Krispy Kreme. Sorry Krispy Kreme, but if we end up going out for doughnuts and they are opened, I will be passing you by and heading to Sugar and Spice was there lovely doughnuts. No hard feelings though. You did bring back my beloved birthday cake batter doughnut.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

24 Weeks

I'm wearing the exact clothes from my 20 Week picture... oops!
How far along: 24 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Cantaloupe
Length is: 22cm long from the top of his head to his heels (I think I was 'told' he was longer before because for some reason I remember saying he was as long as a ruler.) For the record, I am now only using one website for my information which should give me more consistent information. At least I hope.
Developmental milestones: My baby boy is now forming footprints and fingerprints making him even more unique from anyone else.
Weight gain: Well, when I weighed myself the morning of my appointment, I was only up 4 pounds from my appointment a month ago. When I got weighed at the doctor's office, I had gained 9 pounds in the same amount of time. I am not wanting to hit 200 pounds, but at this rate, it is inevitable. I can only hope I keep my promise to myself and actually exercise and lose weight after my baby boy gets here. I already told my husband how after our baby gets his shots, I plan on driving to a mall or somewhere indoor we can walk. I'll aim for every other day at this point. Although, maybe I won't want to take him out in the cold???
Sleep: I have decided it is best to go to sleep when I am really tired because I am able to stay asleep longer. If I go to bed when I am just kind of tired, I toss and turn and wake to pee WAY to frequently. And of course, on weekends, I'm not able to sleep in past 7 or 7:30 even though I desperately wish I could.
Best moment of the week: Oh where to begin... we have had several wonderful moments with our baby these past 2 weeks. Let me start with the best - seeing my stomach move in an upward motion when he either kicked or pushed me. I am happy Matt got to see it happen as well. We had our second anatomy scan on July 9th... I always enjoy seeing my baby. Monday, July 13, I was sitting at my desk while working and felt him kicking off and on for about 10 minutes. I was shocked and surprised. I stopped what I was doing and held my hand to my belly to feel him better. Maybe all babies are active, but I like to think of mine as a future athlete. This was the first time I felt him strongly while at work.
Movement: All the time. Especially after I eat and when I am lying in bed on my back. He's one wiggly guy!
Cravings: Still no true cravings, just fixations when something pops into my head. Over the weekend Matt mentioned Taco Bell and it wouldn't leave my head. We had it for dinner on Sunday. Yum! (Haven't ate there in YEARS!!!!!)
Gender: He's a BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In. Maybe it's just me, but my belly button hole looks bigger.
Wedding ring: Maybe I'll get to wear them for my whole pregnancy?
Anything making you queasy/sick: Nope. I am back to riding on my vanpool twice a week and have been doing great. Of course, I have been taking precautions such as only looking straight ahead and making sure the air is circulating. Thankfully, my vanpool peeps are all very understanding.
What I miss: Not being hot all day. I hate the cold weather, but maybe I would have been better off being pregnant in the winter. I say this, but if this had happened, I would have found something else to complain about.
What I'm looking forward to: Duh!!! Holding my baby boy for the first time. Can hardly wait!
Labor signs: Nada
Symptoms: Unless you count being overheated, nothing.
Nursery: Picking out which bedroom to use is all we have done so far. I am indecisive about the crib. Plus, we might be moving so I am not in a hurry to make any purchases. I have organized his closet about twenty times.
Emotions: Feeling mostly wonderful. My work days drag and the time I spend at home goes by way too fast. But what's new?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We See Movement

This past weekend my mom came down to visit. We had all these plans to go see The Stephen Foster Show and then Shakespeare in the Park but of course, it rained Friday evening and then the ground was very saturated on Saturday. Plans got cancelled and we had to do something else.
Because of the rain, my mom decided not to come down until Saturday morning. We ended up doing some shopping and then we all went to a local place in Louisville called The Bacon Bar. Matt had heard good things about it from a co-worker so we figured we might as well try it.
The bacon appetizer we had consisted of (lower to top or left to right depending on how you see things) duck, beef, house smoked and turkey bacon. The duck bacon was delicious - my favorite. As far as entrees, I ordered a bacon cheese burger, my mom had bacon meatloaf sandwich and Matt had a turkey and bacon club. The food (besides the bacon) was decent. Nothing exciting to write home about. However, the atmosphere with live music was a very redeeming feature.
All in all, it was nice and decent. Both Matt and I agree if we eat here again, we will order duck BLTs.
Thursday morning while leaving the house for work, I noticed our mailbox was broken. So I faced the box part on the floor towards the street in hopes the mail would still be delivered. And it was. Friday I made sure the box part was still facing the same way. Mail was delivered along with a note telling us to fix our mailbox. I hope she was just doing that as part of her job and not to be a witch because it had only been two work days. Plus, it had been raining all week. Not exactly sure when she wanted us to fix the issue. Saturday my husband had to work which meant it still didn’t get done. Sunday was the day he had time to get it all done. Boy was it hot! He is a much better person then me. I would have quit and called it a day. I barely helped him - only had to hold the mailbox in place while he screwed in a few screws and then I held it to help make sure it was level before he added the concrete all while I was 'dying' from the heat. Temperature said it was 93 degrees and that’s not accounting for the hot sun blaring down on you.
The mailbox looks great by the way. We moved it to the other side of our driveway so eventually I need to move the bricks, rocks and plants around our original mailbox.
Speaking of our mailbox, I placed an old cooler outside next to our trash yesterday and Matt placed the mailbox inside of it. Someone stopped by and we thought was gonna take our broken cooler but instead, he took the broken mailbox. And then not 10 minutes later another guy came by and took the broken cooler. Every single time we have placed anything on the curb someone has always came by and picked up our junk. On one hand, I am glad these items are either being reused or recycled. On the other hand, just goes to show you some people will take any old junk.
Exciting news from yesterday.... after I ate lunch I kept feeling my baby boy move around... for like 10 minutes. I loved it!
Then last night while I was in the bathtub reading, I felt him moving/kicking and I was watching and saw my stomach move! It pushed out for a few seconds. I hollered to Matt to come quick and he got to see it too. He saw on the third time I yelled for him at least. Perhaps all my yelling was scaring my baby?? Such fun! I can hardly wait until we see a hand or a foot go across my stomach. :) Matt is convinced our little boy is strong and I don’t have the heart to tell him most babies do this. I would rather him think we really do have a strong baby boy.