Thursday, October 29, 2015

39 Weeks

How far along: 39 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Watermelon
Length is: Somewhere around 20 to 21.5  inches.
Weight is: Somewhere around 7 to 7.5 pounds.
Developmental milestones: You won't have any additional developmental milestones until you are born. No big deal... this just means you are as grown as you will be before arriving into this world. Once you are here, you will grow and grow and grow and then I'll probably cry wondering how you have grown so much. It will be bitter sweet for me, but eventually you will want to be 'a big boy'.
Weight gain: More than enough, unfortunately.
Sleep: Still having issues sleeping, but now let's add in my right hip has been hurting since either the 24th or the 25th and I wake up more often thanks to it and have a hard time falling asleep when it hurts. I have been getting in bed a little earlier which helps me feel a little more rested opposed to going to bed at my usual time. I am just assuming this is preparing me for when you are here.
Best moment of the week: Just knowing we are getting closer to meeting you. November is almost here which means you will be here any day now. We will be having a 40 week ultrasound if you haven't came before then. It will be nice to have some more pictures of you. You will look SO different from the last time we saw you.
Movement: You are still moving, but a lot less. I guess with you are running out of room meaning you don't have as much space to move into and stretch. Made me panic a wee bit when I first started feeling you less. I'm glad I have weekly doctor appointments to check on your well-being. Makes me feel better when I hear your heart beating. The doctor told me after I eat or drink, to sit still and I should feel you move at least 5 times in an hour. If I don't, I am to call them. Haven't had any issues thankfully.
Cravings: Same as always - I want junk food with lots of sugar. Candy and cookies are major winners in my book. If you end up having a major sweet tooth, go ahead and blame mommy.
Gender: You're our baby BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: On (Amazingly my hands haven't swelled this entire pregnancy. I am NOT complaining!)
Anything making you queasy/sick: Just being overheated which hasn’t happened too often now that the weather is getting a little cooler.
What I miss: Sleeping through the night and not having mild pain when I move around in bed. It will be nice when I can turn over without feeling pressure all on my belly. You (and the extra pounds I have packed on) are extremely heavy feeling.
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting you! Holding you! Kissing you! Counting all your fingers and toes!
Labor signs: None - cervix is still high and I have no dilation. As far as I know, You are still head down at least.
Symptoms: Swollen feet, frequent need to pee, heavy stomach, stretch marks galore on my stomach, easily winded and hard to get comfortable in bed. Have I also mentioned the additional hair growth on my face and belly? I think I have been too embarrassed to mention that part. I hope to have it removed ASAP (when money allows it).
Nursery: I think we are done. I do want to add some decorations, but I am all talk and will probably never get around to this. You won't notice though. And once you decide what it is you like, mommy promises to decorate your room in that theme. Assuming your theme is easy to find at the store. I'm hoping you love animals... that would be an easy and fun theme to decorate with, but you will probably like cars or sports or something else.
Emotions: Getting very excited! Your due date is exactly a week from today  and even though I think you will be late, this is the day we have been counting down to from the beginning. I have my own guesses on when you will make your big debut, but I will keep those to myself since I am probably wrong.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

38 Weeks

How far along: 38 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Pumpkin (How appropriate for this time of year)
Length is: Somewhere around 20 inches.
Weight is: Somewhere around 6.5 to 7 pounds.
Developmental milestones: With the exception of your weight, you are done growing. All your inner and outer body parts should be ready for use once outside of mommy's tummy. So really, you could come any day now and I know you will be alright. However, I have a feeling you are going to be late.
Weight gain: Well, last Thursday I had gained 2 pounds in a week. Blah! Monday, I had lost 2.2 pounds. And then at today's appointment, I was back up 2.2 pounds. Meaning I didn't gain anything this wee since I am exactly the same as last Thursday. Not a bad deal. BUT, I'm still not sharing my total weight gain.
Sleep: Oh goodness... one day I sleep well only waking to go pee. Other days, I have insomnia no matter how tired I feel. And I still have to pee constantly on those nights. Not an easy task getting out of bed at this point. Plus, I try to be still and quiet as to not wake up daddy since he has to wake up very early for work. He claims he woke up to me snoring one night. I'm not sure I believe him though. Last time he said I snored he went and slept in the guest bedroom. If I was snoring this time why didn’t he move to the other bed?
Best moment of the week: Hearing your healthy and strong heartbeat twice this week. I am also happy to report my blood pressure has been normal this week at both my appointments opposed to the high reading at last week's appointment. I don’t want you in any distress. I do need to admit today it was close to the slightly elevated point though. What is with Thursday appointments?
Movement: The books/internet say your movements should be slowing down because of the lack of room. I still feel you the same at this point. You do make some hard movements though. If I rest my iPad on my stomach while reading, you must not like the weight because you are usually quick to push back against it. Same thing happens at work when I sometimes have my belly against my desk. I must be accidently crowding you.
Cravings: Nothing different here. I still prefer sweets over anything else. I eat candy and/or ice cream everyday. I can't seem to give it up.
Gender: You're our baby BOY!!!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring: On
Anything making you queasy/sick: Only when I am overheated. The smell of coconut oil and fresh garlic being cooked aggravate me, but I am getting used to blocking the smell.
What I miss: Getting a full night of sleep and having more energy.
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing your beautiful face when they lay you on me for our chest to chest followed by breastfeeding. I really hope you latch!
Labor signs: None - cervix is still high, no dilation but you are at least head down. Basically, no change from last week. Like I already said, I am predicting you will be late.
Symptoms: Constant need to pee, swollen feet/legs, stretch marks all over my belly, lack of energy and always freaking hungry. I thought my stomach would be full more often since it is crowded in there. Ya, not the case for me. I feel like I can literally eat sun up to sun down. Especially while at work!
Nursery: Almost done!!! Just need to add some finishing touches. All your clothes have been washed and put away, blankets have all been folded and put away and everything to include your stroller has been assembled. Makes me beyond excited to see everything ready and waiting for you. You have so much stuff and the room isn't very large which makes it seem a bit crowded... good thing you are such an itty bitty thing. By the time you will want to actually play in there, those diapers will have been long gone - I have them lining the wall by your crib... I ran out of room in your closet. Yet for some reason, I keep buying more.
Emotions: Yes, I have moments when I am a little nervous about the whole birthing process, but mostly I am very excited to have you here with us. When I have had the high blood pressure readings I have been scared about being induced. I read online that being induced can cause emergency C-sections and that freaks me out. Ideally, I want you to come on your own time when you are ready. However, it would be nice to prepare for your due date and I am tired of being pregnant. I felt a little scared this evening in our baby CPR class... please don't stop breathing on us or start choking. It was scary enough practicing on the fake baby. I don't want to try out the technique on you. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Painted Wood Pumpkins

Typically, I don’t really do anything after work... I am definitely a homebody. And I love spending time with my husband opposed to anyone else. He really and truly is my best friend. Nothing wrong with that... it's how I enjoy spending my time. But last week, my friend/co-worker and I stumbled upon a place with a Facebook page called the Speckled Sparrow. She emailed the company to get the details and then set us up a party for last night. We only needed 5 people which worked out nicely.
I had such a fun time!!!
Basically the lady said we could pick out anything we wanted to create. It wasn’t until we met her in the class and got to know her that we found out we could have literally chose anything, and prior to us coming to class, she would have learned to make it and then shown us how to do it. How awesome is that? I want to make a wreath next time. Maybe once I actually learn the technique the ones I make at home will look even better.
*Top picture - mine is the second one to the left.
*Bottom left - raw supplies
*Bottom middle - painted one on the back one, middle one was taped and had a second coat, right one was just taped. All three steps shown.
*Bottom right - my finished pumpkins

We chose to paint pumpkins - here are the supplies she had available for us:
3 wood posts with rounded centers at the top to add the stems
Pieces of wood
Regular paint (orange and white)
Assorted brushes
Assorted ribbons
Assorted tapes
Glue guns
Hair dryers
She also supplied snacks and drinks (soda/water, chips/cookies).
Her location is a bit out there and it is in a house trailer, but overall, very nice use of space. When you walk into the place you are in what would have been the living room but has been set up as the main art space. She has a full kitchen including a fridge and stove to the left which is where food and drinks were located. The bedroom beyond that houses TONS of art supplies and past projects. To the right was the main bathroom and another storage room and a room to put on funny hats/boas/glasses  for picture taking.
I LOVED how she had her artwork all over the place! If I was artistic, I would have a  studio similar to hers.
Back to the pumpkins...
This was an extremely easy art project thanks to the teacher/class since everything was already prepped for us to get to work and be creative.
Basically we painted our wood pieces solid orange or solid white. Allowed them to dry. Using the different tapes (straight, curvy or chevron), we taped our design on our wood posts and then painted on the opposite color. Or using the different dot sizes we painted on dots. Allowed them to dry again. We then peeled the tape off the taped ones. She then either allowed us to sand them down by hand or she used her electric hand sander outside. I had her sand all mine down for me. While paint was drying, we were able to select the wood we liked for our stumps. We then hot glued them into the pre-drilled holes. Next up was the hard choice of select ribbon to tie to our stems. She has several different shades or greens with different textures. Everyone but me chose to add their initial to their pumpkins... I was too nervous about messing mine up therefore I decided to skip this step.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how these turned out!!!!
The sanded look makes them stunning!
I think these would easily sell for the price we paid to make them. At $30 for all supplies, drinks/snacks and fun with friends... what a bargain! We are going to try and get our group together every month or every other month to make something different and get out of the house without kids. LOL! I'm finally getting included in the 'out without kids' group. What a nice feeling.
Not that I am already trying to get away from my baby boy... it is just nice to be included in the group. The owner of the place even said I could bring him. I won't though. He can stay home with daddy. ;)